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261: Ephemeral Hardware. Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer.

261: Ephemeral Hardware. Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer.

snap spectacles

The big news this week is that Snapchat is changing their name to Snap, Inc and they’re releasing new hardware: a pare of sunglasses with a camera called Spectacles. See that story and many others below.

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248: Solar Powered Cheese Cutters

248: Solar Powered Cheese Cutters

Independence Day Cheese Cutters

Dare to dream! Laptops are getting so thin that they can double as cheese cutters. But are they getting too thin? Maybe the “cheese cutters test” isn’t the right area laptop makers should be competing. Maybe it should be about battery life and speed.

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238: James And Matthew Hit Peak Tangent, You Won’t Believe Where We End Up!

238: James And Matthew Hit Peak Tangent, You Won’t Believe Where We End Up!

The Probe Droid Reaches Peak Tangent

Matthew and I hit peak tangent in this episode. It starts out easy enough with Instagram photos and Facebook’s f8 developer’s conference. Then we get deep into camera technology, texting, the future of books, drone sports, and end with a rant against making 4 sequels to Avatar. All the tangential show notes are below.

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213: Monthlification of the Future


Everything on the internet was once expected to be free (thanks Google). Then we started paying for songs (thanks Apple) and books (thanks Amazon). Soon it became normal to pay for things online. Then Netflix showed us that monthly subscriptions can be massively convenient for customers and super profitable for companies. It seems that all the major players are getting in on the monthly subscription goodness. But is it setting them up for a backlash when the economy turns and people start looking for ways to cut their monthly expenses?

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212: Going Public as a Super Villain

Evil Musk

We come to an inescapable conclusion in this episode: Elon Musk is a Super Villain. Think about it. He’s publicly stated that humanity will die in 20 years. He’s working on his own escape to another planet. And he’s creating autonomous robots (cars) that look sleek and people inherently trust. This is how it happens people!

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208: Turning Your Attention To The Sharing Economy

Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is dead. The biggest reason has to do with trust. With the potential for fake reviews and broken products/services, it’s easier to simply rent/subscribe to a bigger company.

See below for all the notes and links on the topics we covered.

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198S: Disynergizing CEOs (The Short Show)

mitosis diagram

We’re trying something crazy this week and experimenting with a shorter show format. There are a couple new Easter Eggs of wisdom, but it’s pretty much the same show, but done a whole laster faster. Let us know what you think!

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198: Disynergizing CEOs


Disney is really ramping up the number of Star Wars movies, the Bolt is a cool electric bike, HP is taking a week off and losing Bill Veghte to SurveyMonkey, Apple Watch is doomed, Waze is semi-taking on Uber, Microsoft is making progress with the HoloLens, the BBC is making a micro:bit for kids, Tinder has verified users, Ben Huh is stepping down from I Can Has Cheeseburger?, Reddit has a new CEO that the community likes, Google and Blackberry are suiting up together, and Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata passes away.

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184: Jay-Z Will Beat iTunes In The Long Run. April Fools!

Interstellar Tidal Wave

Matthew finished How I Met Your Mother and loved it. Good for him.
Ex Machina does some crazy advertising on Tinder during SXSW, Jay-Z comes out with Tidal to take on Apple and Spotify, Microsoft’s Surface 3 actually looks pretty cool, we review all the best April Fools jokes from last week, Hyperkin is making a Game Boy adaptor for the iPhone 6 plus, Amazon launches Home Services and the Dash button, Meerkat and Periscope are neck and neck with traffic, CMU Robotics makes some great sensor improvements for mapping 3D objects, Openbay wants to improve the car repair experiences and SnapPower makes adding a USB charging port crazy easy.

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172: Everything is Getting Smarter And I’m Not Getting Any Richer

Digital Life

This is the week of CES! We talk about tons of different products. Check out the list and links below to see all the different ones that we covered.

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