155: Adventures in Retail


The TI-84 Plus is the best selling calculator of all time, Matthew loves Destiny of the PS4, Apple announced two new iPhones, Apple Pay and Apple Watch, Matthew shares his story of buying Nokia’s Lumia 1020, and Deadmau5 drives for Uber in his McLaren for an evening.

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154: Her iCloud

Her iCloud

Samantha would probably use iCloud to store her data.

James talks about the movie Her, Lego is now the largest toy manufacturer, Apple will be coming out with new iPhones and a new iWatch – we give our predictions, iCloud still isn’t secure, Home Depot has credit card issues, Motorola released the Moto X, Moto 260 & Moto Hint, Microsoft is getting desperate with the Xbox One, Sony unveiled some new smart camera lenses, Slingshot isn’t cool anymore, and Tesla is building their battery factory in Nevada.

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153: The Portal to Posting


This week we come up with 3 amazing ideas. You’ll have to listen to the podcast hear them One comes at the very end.

We talk about the Emmy’s, using Yo, Amazon by Twitch, Google’s new Wing program, battery less iBeacons by Ifinity, Google’s purchase of ZYNC to render video, Instagrams Hyperlapse app, Square Cash 2.0, Intel’s penny sized 3G modem, Nintendo’s “new” 3DS, and using the Oculus rift with roller coasters.

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152: The Dog Days Of The Tech Summer


Yo turns out to be useful, Google brings Photo Sphere to iOS, Matthew buys a PS4, Shakedown is a dumb app, Noke is a digital pad lock, Thalmic goes for the enterprise, Steve Ballmer is out of Microsoft, Samsung unveils the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, Twitter starts showing other tweets in your timeline, Windows 9 is coming soon, Apple will help you find your car, Facebook and Pandora are the most popular smartphone apps, SpaceX blows up a rocket, the ice bucket challenges are getting crazy, and Google wants to keep their self-driving data private.

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151: Yo #FurloBros


Happy birthday Matthew! Congrats on getting just a little bit older!

We kick off this week talking about Spiral’s location-based status updates, how the NSA killed Syria’s internet, Yo, Amazon’s competing Square card swiper, Samsung’s new Galaxy Alpha that looks very similar to Apple’s iPhone, females getting into computer science, turning off your read receipts, the FAA killing AirPooler, and Elio Motors cheap and efficient 3-wheel vehicles.

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150: Watching Rumored Conspiracy Theories On Youtube


Rumors are that there is a secret space program that is at least 50 years ahead of NASA. Totally true.

Matthew shows off his new Philips Hue light, Apple sets the date to announce the iPhone 6, AOL sues an employee of selling them services they didn’t need for want, NASA is going to Mars using the EmDrive or Cannae Drive, Xiaomi is outselling Samsung in China, Samsung doesn’t want to pay Microsoft anymore for Android, Variety discovers that Youtube stars have more influence than Hollywood stars, Windows 8 is selling slower than Vista, BlackBerry is no longer cratering, and Foursquare is the new personalized Yelp.

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149: The Grumpy Tenth Man


This week we talk about a bunch of things!

Cory Arcangel wrote a book about people tweeting about writing a book, Matthew bought a Philips Hue, the Vocca Light Switch is voice activated, Best Buy is seeing falling iPad sales but doing well overall, Samsung won’t be launching Tizen anytime soon, Zillow bought Trulia, the USB may not be safe anymore, HP unveils a pretty watch designed by Michael Bastian, Amazon need a 10th man for the Fire Phone, the NFL will start tracking players in real time with FRID, EA and Xbox team up to bring you older titles while Sony launch PlayStation Now to stream old games, Nintendo continues to lose money, HelloWorld gives you a way to share your location with friends, and the House of Lords in Europe agree than the right to be forgotten rule should be forgotten.

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148: A Lesson in Marketing


Marketing is a fantastic study if you’re interested in psychology. This week we dive into that with a deep look into some marketing.

Samsung and Apple both released new commercials, Xiaomi releases the Mi Band to track your fitness, Microsoft announces that Windows will be merging into one unified software, Amazon releases the Fire Phone, Facebook enables us to save posts for later, Bose sues Beats, and Hello kickstarts Sense to help track your sleep patterns.

On the admin side, we seem to be experiencing some technical issues with our back-end system. So, if something doesn’t seem to be working, please let us know.

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Why Smartphones Get Bigger
Facebook Launches Save, A Read-It-Later List For Links, Places, And Media Pages
Samsung Advertises Apple’s Larger Screen iPhone
Apples MacBook Air Commercial Doesn’t Even Show The Screen
Xiaomi announces its first wearable device, a $13 fitness band
Microsoft Will Unify It’s Big 3 Operating Systems
Microsoft Is Already Giving Windows 8 The Vista Treatment
Amazon Fire phone review: a unique device, but you’re better off waiting for the sequel
Thiel Fellow’s Elegant Sleep Tracker, Sense, Crushes Kickstarter With $120K In A Few Hours
Bose Is Suing Apple Over Beat’s Noise Canceling Tech

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147: Big Brother Is Watching You Get Fired


The concept of Big Brother is becoming a great possibility. However, instead of using computers to watch people, they’re just replacing them. Here’s what we talk about this week:

Thalmic Labs wants to turn your arms into controllers with the Myo, Tesla names the Model 3, IBM and Apple shake up the Monopoly board with an partnership, Microsoft announces layoffs where most are coming from Nokia, Foxconn is making Foxbots to replace humans, Nike invents the Vapor 360 Fielding Glove that doesn’t need to be broken in, the iPhone 5S is outselling Samsung’s Galaxy S5, PolicyGenius tries to take the headache out of finding insurance, and Amazon releases Kindle Unlimited.

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146: Typing Out Rambling Strong Bad Emails On Smartphones


We cannot express how excited we are for the return of Homestar Runner.

We start off talking about the Lego Movie, Transformers and the World Cup. Eventually we get around to Blackberry’s square Passport, Samsung’s Android problem, things you can do with Android Wear, Satya Nadella’s plan for Microsoft, the FAA’s take on Planesharing and AirPooler, Shimamura growing Lettuce in Japan with GE, and Elon Musk giving the Nikola Tesla $1 million.

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