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Matthew Furlo

Matthew Furlo

I’m a Mechanical engineer for RCH with a love of cool technology. I also like the show “The Venture Bros.” From time to time I write a little fiction. Nothing big, just some wicked awesome science fiction about Psychics, that sort of thing. Drop me a line in the comment section if you wanna know more.

James Furlo

James Furlo

Born and raised in Silicon Valley and I currently live in Oregon while working for HP. Like any self-respected geek, I love technology and it’s improvement on our lives. I celebrate innovation, and ponder future ideas and ways of life. I’m excited to “talk tech” with my brother Matthew and unravel of mysteries of the tech universe.

Check out my personal site to learn more about me. For example, you’ll can follow my personal musings or read my insights about being a professional landlord.

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