196: You Have Our Full Attention, But We Should Be Charging

What do we do when we fall off the horse

Twitter has tons of potential and that can only be unlocked with a full-time CEO, SQFT aims to reduce agent costs to only 2%, Taylor Swift and Apple harmonize over Apple Music, Google and Tidal try to keep up, Pando become subscription based, Facebook Messenger doesn’t require a Facebook account, Uber is driver France crazy, 360Fly wants to capture the VR recording market, and Swarm mayors are in the house again.

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195: Do You Think This Is A Game?

A Knight with animal detection

This week we talk about…

Google playing with photos (see image above), E3 where Microsoft and Sony show off all sorts of cool goodies, the future of virtual reality from Oculus, Valve & Starbreeze, Nintendo level maker and MarI/O, the death of the Mac, the possibilities of WebAssembly, Apple Music and TSwift, and finally Uber’s employees of the California Labor Commission.

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194: Watching The WWCD Keynote Next to Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt Retweet

It sounds like Jurassic World is pretty good and will hold the open weekend box office record until December. We also talked about the the impact of the World’s Fair on your life, Apple’s numerous announcements: El Capitan, Siri, Swift 2, watchOS 2, Music, News, and more. Oculus announced their consumer hardware which will work with Windows 10 and Xbox One. Finally Dick Costolo is out of Twitter and Jack Dorsey will be taking over.

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193: We Read Your Tweets.


Jurassic World is upon us! But first, let’s tweet about it.

Google Photos puts together some strange albums, The World Video Game Hall of Fame includes some great titles, Swift is a year old, Chris Sacca believes in Twitter, The Button is done, Google will start reprint accidents, Windows is coming next month, LEGO is going to take on Minecraft, Netflix will start showing ads, Apple Watch has a heart rate problem, ThunderBolt gets a USB-C plug, TechCrunch is changing hands again, and Yahoo is killing off properties nobody cares about.

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192: The Birth of a New Episode

Elinor Furlo

James celebrates the birth of his new daughter: Elinor. Thankfully she manages to be quiet the entire episode. Speaking of this episode, we talk about:

Vox buying Re/Code, Jony Ives moving up the ladder and doing less, Minecraft’s massive size, Google I/O: Photos, Pay, M, Now on Tap, Brillo/Weave, Jacquard, Soli, Ara, and Vault. We also talk about Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report, Snapchat’s something or other, and Facebook becoming a bank.

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191: Confessions And Other Topics We’re Not Here To Talk About


James makes all sorts of confessions this episode, but we’re not here to talk about that. Instead, we talk about Tomorrowland, the Apple TV, Automatic, Pebble, Ossur’s IMES, Caltech’s bionic arms, the Lime Equation, crowd sources timelapse videos, Apple Maps, Oculus, Google+ Photos, Medium eBooks, Hycopter and Aria.

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190: The Good, The Bad and the Content Networks

Verizon Video Network

We talk about four stories this week. That’s right. Just four.

First, Google has an image problem which is going to cause them problems with their self-driving car program. Second, Nasdaq is going to be implementing the blockchain on their private equities market. Third, Verizon is buying AOL. Nobody should care, be we all really do. Fourth, Facebook announces Instant Articles in an attempt to speed up the internet by making links native.

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189: Mark Zuckerberg Is My Ecquaintance

zuckerberg and gates ecquaintances

An online acquaintance is a ecquaintance. Get it?

This week we talk about Nucleus Scientific and their battery disruption, Selequity’s service to make funding real estate deals easier, Facebook’s Internet.org, Nintendo’s profitability, Keurigs pouring out of customer satisfaction, Fitbit’s statement to IPO, Oculus Rift’s pressure to ship, and how Showcard is using the Blockchain to store your identity.

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188: How To Pronounce Satya

Generated by  IJG JPEG Library

This week we focus on Microsoft and their announcements at their Build Conference. In short: Continuum looks great, .NET aims to kill Java and Oracle, HoloLens to coming along just fine and Microsoft still doesn’t know how old you are.

We also chat about the Avengers (of course), the EM Drive, Facebook’s video chat feature, and Tesla’s home battery.

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187: Nudging You To Buy a Delightful Watch

Matthews Apple Watch

The Spanish city of Jun using Twitter to run its government, Matthew got an Apple Watch, Google experiments with cell networks with Project Fi, BWM is selling a car that parks itself, Elon Must almost sold Tesla to Google, Central Japan Railway breaks a speed record at 603km/h, Cedar Fair’s new roller coaster Fury is decided to scare us, Apple haptic are going to become more life like, the Chevrolet-FNR looks cool but isn’t real, and Twitter is getting more into the messaging space.

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