Special: Rod Miner Shares How He Kickstarted His Music Album

Rod Miner

In this special episode we chat with Rod Miner of Winnowing Fire on his journey of taking an idea of a christian music album and turning it into a reality using Kickstarter. His story sheds light on the ups and downs you feel while pursuing your dream.

We also chat about his social media evolution and the details of actually getting your song listed with all the online music directories. It’s a fun story we think you’ll enjoy.

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210: Recapping Google’s iPhone Event

Google Pixel

This week we spend time diving into Google’s hardware announcements. Their phones look interesting and the Pixel tablet is particularly interesting (if you can handle the price). Overall Google continues to make solid improvements to their hardware offerings. Check below for all the stories we cover in this episode.

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209: Oculawesome


What an action packed week for tech! Matthew gets his new iPhone, VW gets in trouble with the EPA, Smule sues some former employees, Oculus held their developer conference, Pebble came out with a new watch, Microsoft released Office 2016, and Apple’s App store got hacked. Check below for all the details and links.

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208: Turning Your Attention To The Sharing Economy

Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is dead. The biggest reason has to do with trust. With the potential for fake reviews and broken products/services, it’s easier to simply rent/subscribe to a bigger company.

See below for all the notes and links on the topics we covered.

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207: Salient Naming Issues

Salient Names of a rose

What’s in a name? A whole lot! Techmeme didn’t start out with that name. Neither did 3D Touch. Speaking of 3D Touch, this week, we spend most of our talking about Apple’s announcement. We think you’ll like it. See below for all the stories and links.

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204: The Amazon of Tech Podcast Episodes


In the book Made To Stick, it talks about to get people to quickly understand and idea. One really easy way is to take something they already know and then tell them how it’s different. Thus the formula “It’s the [existing company] of [new market]” was born.

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203: The LOLs of ABCs at DCA, jaja


Did you know that LOLs are on the way out? haha.

WeChat is huge and chances are you’re not using it because it’s huge in China. What makes this app interesting is that it breaks many of the current rules that US app makers follow.

Google is now part of Alphabet. It’s both a fascinating name, and a confusing name. Same goes for the structure. Hopefully this will make it easier for us to predict what Google is going to do.

Disneyland and Walt Disney World are adding a Star Wars land, to which we declare: about time! Seriously, this is going to be awesome. Just as awesome is the work that ILM is doing to bring VR to the professional movie level. As the camera guy who made bullet time says, he wants to make the Matrix.

People still think Apple is making a car. James still thinks they’re wrong.

HTC is worth less than the cash they have. That’s not a good sign and we expect something big to happen to them within the year.

Foursquare is still around, BTW.

Baseball is starting to experiment with computer aided batter’s boxes instead of umpires. This is a fascinating proposition that requires some fundamental answers about the purpose of the game. Check out the South Park episode right below that link.

Samsung creates the first 16TB SSD… which is just crazy.

And finally, if you’re on AT&T, check out their new shared data plans because they just got better.

Enjoy the show!

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202: Freedom To Print The Full Stack


Fantastic 4 really wasn’t that fantastic…

The New York Times signs up over 1 million digital only subscribers, Verizon ditches the two year contract, Jennifer Granick pleads to to not give up our freedom at the Back Hat Conference, Epson tries to kill the ink cartridge (good luck with that), Uber is a Full-Stack Startup but Snapchat is not, Facebook continues to make Messenger attractive to businesses, Stems makes it possible split music into 4 separate tracks, Nico Gerard comes out with a watch that uses Apple Watch as an accessory (yes, really), Elon Musk can neither confirm nor deny the future of self-driver cars, Chris Sacca wants Jack Dorsey to be Twitter’s CEO, and VR movies are coming to Oculus (just like we said).

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