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213: Monthlification of the Future


Everything on the internet was once expected to be free (thanks Google). Then we started paying for songs (thanks Apple) and books (thanks Amazon). Soon it became normal to pay for things online. Then Netflix showed us that monthly subscriptions can be massively convenient for customers and super profitable for companies. It seems that all the major players are getting in on the monthly subscription goodness. But is it setting them up for a backlash when the economy turns and people start looking for ways to cut their monthly expenses?

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199: Buying Radios On Amazon


(Image: Copyright 2015 – Daniel Livingston –

Matthew watches Back to the Future with a live orchestra. How cool is that?!

We then talk about Flipagram’s huge growth, Google Photo’s back-up problem on Android, Amazon Prime and Walmart’s cheap competition, New Horizon’s visit to Pluto, Colin Cowherd’s comment about radio going away, Adobe’s death march, Fitbit vs the GoPro, Kevin Rose’s opinion on Reddit, firing from drones, Tesla future Roadster, eSport athletes doping up, and the Lumos bike helmet that lights up.

Also, we’re still experimenting with a short show. See if you can find it. :-)

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Marty McFly and Quantum Computing

Episode 55! Dealers don’t like Tesla’s factory stores, Digital Legacys offer digital headstones via QR codes, PC thumb scanners are insecure, Marty McFly gets stuck in 1955, Reddit users learn to tell if they’re on the Internet, SNL does a hilarious iPhone 5 skit, and Curiosity Mars Rover tweets it out.

We also talk about the mysterious NYSE bandwidth hog, the decaying web, Baseball’s iOS 6 Passbook success, Rose’s Law of quantum computing, Matthew’s Podcasting app woes, Angle investor returns, and we give a shout out to Felix Baumgartner for surviving a very big fall.


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