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277: The Foresight To Develop Gaming Platforms

277: The Foresight To Develop Gaming Platforms

Nintendo Switch Gaming Platform

Can you believe the iPhone was announced 10 years ago? It’s a device that changed our lives forever. It’s hard to image how something that seems so obvious today was actually risky when it was first introduced.

Speaking of introductions, Nintendo announced their next gaming platform: The Switch. It’s both a portable console and can also be played on your TV. They’re definitely no longer competing against the PS4 or Xbox. The real question remains if there’s room for Nintendo and the others.

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219: Swiftly Covering the Unifying Theory Of The Forbidden Fruit


So… It turns out that this week was full of Apple news. We swiftly run through they Unifying Theory of products, and then get into specific thoughts on products. Matthew is particularly excited about Swift, and I don’t blame him.

Also listen for Adobe’s product name change and PlayStation’s moves to bring back some classic games. Check out the show notes below.

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212: Going Public as a Super Villain

Evil Musk

We come to an inescapable conclusion in this episode: Elon Musk is a Super Villain. Think about it. He’s publicly stated that humanity will die in 20 years. He’s working on his own escape to another planet. And he’s creating autonomous robots (cars) that look sleek and people inherently trust. This is how it happens people!

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211: It’s Like Deja Vu All Over Again

Mircosoft Surface

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Great artists steal. It’s like deja vu all over again. That seems to be the same after a 3rd set of hardware announcements that basically seems to only change the company name. Don’t get us wrong. Microsoft’s interpretation is very compelling, but it all seems too familiar. See below for all the links to each article.

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181: A Little Bit Of Feedback On Touching The New Watch

Apple Watch by Pebble

This show is about Apple. We just cannot help ourselves. Sure, we mention Star Wars, GigaOm, YouTube and a couple other companies. But this show is really all about Apple.

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170: The Furlo Bros 2014 Postdictions

Furlo Bros Tech Podcast 2014 Postdictions

This week represents week 1 of a 2 week series. In this part, we take a look back at 2014. What was the big news? How did we do on our predictions? Predictably, we did pretty well with Apple, Facebook and Samsung. Surprisingly, Google through us some curveballs. It’s a good show to listen to, and don’t forget to catch our predictions next week.

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158: Paying For Windows 9


HP just might be break up again, Matthew hates Snapchat, Saturday morning cartoons are gone, the next great tech breakthrough will come in pairs, PayPal splits from eBay, Microsoft announces Windows 10, Rovio lays off people, Blackhat is a new hacker movie, Reddit is creating its own crypto currency, GE makes an awesome commercial for the Link Spot, the Pebble gets a price cut, and Weezer helps prove that music can’t sell music.

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82b: iSteve debuts on Funny or Die to at least one review

After we talk about Leap Motion, we switch gears to our beloved fallen hero’s first movie: iSteve.

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82: The Next Wearable Tech: The Thunder Belt

Thunder Belt

Wearable and interactive computing is all the rage on this week’s podcast. Companies and coming up with more and more ways to meld our digital lives with our physical lives. It’s an exciting time! Great examples include the Oculus Rift Omi Treadmill, Google’s Glass, Pebble’s Watch, and Leap Motion’s integration with HP PCs.

We also discuss Netflix’s switch to HTML5 video, Microsoft’s next steps with Windows 8, Funny or Die’s iSteve movie, David’s adiction to Kickstarter board games, and James’ crush on Yahoo’s new weather app.

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