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184: Jay-Z Will Beat iTunes In The Long Run. April Fools!

Interstellar Tidal Wave

Matthew finished How I Met Your Mother and loved it. Good for him.
Ex Machina does some crazy advertising on Tinder during SXSW, Jay-Z comes out with Tidal to take on Apple and Spotify, Microsoft’s Surface 3 actually looks pretty cool, we review all the best April Fools jokes from last week, Hyperkin is making a Game Boy adaptor for the iPhone 6 plus, Amazon launches Home Services and the Dash button, Meerkat and Periscope are neck and neck with traffic, CMU Robotics makes some great sensor improvements for mapping 3D objects, Openbay wants to improve the car repair experiences and SnapPower makes adding a USB charging port crazy easy.

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129: The Gold Standard of Tech Podcasts

Market wallpapers

Does Bitcoin have value? Is Bitcoin Currency? We discuss Bitcoin verses the US dollar, verses the gold standard, and it’s implications for inflation and general economic health.

We also talk about Titan Fall how it’s using Microsoft’s Azure to push the gaming limits, how TV “won” SXSW, Silicon Valley’s problem with young engineers not getting along with older engineers, and finally Google’s latest project Tango which helps you create a 3D world with your phone.

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