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243: These Google Announcements Will Blow Your Artificially Intelligent Mind

243: These Google Announcements Will Blow Your Artificially Intelligent Mind

Artificially Intelligent Google IO

Google IO happened this week and it’ll blow your artificially intelligent mind with their news cluster bomb. Below are all the notes of everything they announced along with our hot takes in the podcast. Enjoy!

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242: Discussing The 50 Best Gadgets On Slack, You Won’t Believe What Doesn’t End Up On Facebook.

242: Discussing The 50 Best Gadgets On Slack, You Won’t Believe What Doesn’t End Up On Facebook.

iPhone considered #1 of 50 best gadgets

We kick of this week’s podcast with the 50 best gadgets on the last 100 years. Then we jump deep into Apple, Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat, Viv, and much more. Check out all the notes below for the details and links.

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240: Everything Annoying About The Stock Market

240: Everything Annoying About The Stock Market

Annoying Stocks

It’s stock market week and we have a ton of updates. Reminder: The stock market can be annoying because it doesn’t perfectly correlate with company value. See all the notes below.

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221: Spoiled by Star Wars

221: Spoiled by Star Wars

Star Wars Storm Trooper On Hoth

This week we talk about Star Wars… A lot actually. We also dive into the world of self-driving cars, gaming, monopolies, and the future of medicine. All in all, it’s a solid show. Enjoy!

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218: Watching Football And Eating Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

This week we talk about the news that happened during Thanksgiving. Perhaps the best part is Matthew’s explanation of the difference between Raspberry Pi and Arduino. We also talk about drones, ESPN, surveillance, and a few really good stories. Check out the show notes below of the details.

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205: M is for Monopolies, Marriage and Money

M is for Monopolies Marriage and Money

This week we tackle the biggest issues facing society: Marriage, Money and Monopolies. We’re also trying a new format for how we link to stories. Let us know what you think!

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203: The LOLs of ABCs at DCA, jaja


Did you know that LOLs are on the way out? haha.

WeChat is huge and chances are you’re not using it because it’s huge in China. What makes this app interesting is that it breaks many of the current rules that US app makers follow.

Google is now part of Alphabet. It’s both a fascinating name, and a confusing name. Same goes for the structure. Hopefully this will make it easier for us to predict what Google is going to do.

Disneyland and Walt Disney World are adding a Star Wars land, to which we declare: about time! Seriously, this is going to be awesome. Just as awesome is the work that ILM is doing to bring VR to the professional movie level. As the camera guy who made bullet time says, he wants to make the Matrix.

People still think Apple is making a car. James still thinks they’re wrong.

HTC is worth less than the cash they have. That’s not a good sign and we expect something big to happen to them within the year.

Foursquare is still around, BTW.

Baseball is starting to experiment with computer aided batter’s boxes instead of umpires. This is a fascinating proposition that requires some fundamental answers about the purpose of the game. Check out the South Park episode right below that link.

Samsung creates the first 16TB SSD… which is just crazy.

And finally, if you’re on AT&T, check out their new shared data plans because they just got better.

Enjoy the show!

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186: Searching For A Focus

google magnifying glass

Who did better: Harrison Ford or Ben Affleck? Needless to say, we’re both pumped about Batman v Superman and Star Wars.

We then talk about Hello Alfred making chores easier, Google’s lack of focus (we spend a lot of time here), 6 disruptive trends including 3D printing, headphone advertising and MOOCs. We then talk about Vizio’s new 4K TVs, DARPA’s new BRASS project, the next generation of Guitar Hero, Apply buying LinX to take better pictures, digital music downloads finally outselling CDs, and the death of Snapchat and Houzz (or not).

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131: Accusations of Acquisitions


One clear path to growth is to buy another company and integrate them into what you’re already doing. This week included many interesting acquisitions: Disney bought Maker, Intel bought Basis Band, and Facebook bought Oculus.

In other news, Microsoft brought Office to the iPad, Apple wants to bring cable TV to Apple TV, Google might let Oakley and Ray-Band design their glasses, and Tesla continues to fight the state-by-state car selling fight.

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127a: How to take better pictures with your smartphone

The new technology by Corephotonics will put 2 different lenses on your phone that will enable a whole range of awesome photos.

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