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282: The Future Of Facebook News And The Demise Of Wikipedia

282: The Future Of Facebook News And The Demise Of Wikipedia

Future of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, published a 5,800 word article (12 pages if typed out) on the future of Facebook. Basically, he wants to go beyond simply connecting everyone and build communities that are supportive, safe, informed, civically engaged, and inclusive. It’s a lofty goal that’s still a little fuzzy. Functionally, it means you’ll see less sensationalized (ie. fake) news on the site. The rest of the stories are below, including a really cool one about future telescopes.

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216: Overpriced Watches, Tablets and Stocks

Connected Watch

How much is something worth? Exactly as much as someone is willing to pay. The next question: how many people do you want to be willing to pay? Sometimes products are overpriced, and thankfully customers make that clear by not buying that item. Case in point: even though TAG’s new Connected Watch is cool, $1,500 might be a bit much to entice many people to purchase it.

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214: Bold.ly Killing Operating Systems


The internet browser is under attack! Google is killing Chrome! Countries can shut down TLDs! It’s chaos! Thankfully, the solution already exists: Apps that are basically highly specific browsers.

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187: Nudging You To Buy a Delightful Watch

Matthews Apple Watch

The Spanish city of Jun using Twitter to run its government, Matthew got an Apple Watch, Google experiments with cell networks with Project Fi, BWM is selling a car that parks itself, Elon Must almost sold Tesla to Google, Central Japan Railway breaks a speed record at 603km/h, Cedar Fair’s new roller coaster Fury is decided to scare us, Apple haptic are going to become more life like, the Chevrolet-FNR looks cool but isn’t real, and Twitter is getting more into the messaging space.

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184: Jay-Z Will Beat iTunes In The Long Run. April Fools!

Interstellar Tidal Wave

Matthew finished How I Met Your Mother and loved it. Good for him.
Ex Machina does some crazy advertising on Tinder during SXSW, Jay-Z comes out with Tidal to take on Apple and Spotify, Microsoft’s Surface 3 actually looks pretty cool, we review all the best April Fools jokes from last week, Hyperkin is making a Game Boy adaptor for the iPhone 6 plus, Amazon launches Home Services and the Dash button, Meerkat and Periscope are neck and neck with traffic, CMU Robotics makes some great sensor improvements for mapping 3D objects, Openbay wants to improve the car repair experiences and SnapPower makes adding a USB charging port crazy easy.

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169: A Cashflow Positive Episode as a Service With An Exit Strategy


Speaking Startup can be tough, but this week we walk you through all the terms you need to know to help you get prepared for the new year.

Apple creates a touching iPad commercial, Techcrunch teaches us how to speak startup, Google share the top 10 searches of 2014, we give a brief history of Yahoo!, Blackberry gives up with the “Classic”, Lift adds personal coaching to their already awesome app, TAG Heuer is working on a smart watch, T-Mobile lets you roll over your data, a double amputee named Les Baugh gets two arms back, X-Plane releases to new iOS game, Tesla opens their first battery swap station, and Circle the Dot proves to be a fun iOS game.

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168: A Stocking Stuffed With Articles

Christmas Stockings

This week is a crazy week for stories. We just couldn’t decide what to talk about, so we talk about everything. Below is the list of all the articles. Yep, there’s a lot of them. Enjoy!

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166: Drone War of the Stars

yoda-drone-wars It was Thanksgiving week and tech news still managed to happen.

The new Star Wars trailer looks fantastic, SendMyBag will ship your luggage for you, the FCC tells T-Mobile to stop unthrottling speed test sites, the Xbox One is improving but the PS4 is still better, people don’t trust Apple’s iCloud, the European Parliament wants to break up Google, watch makers don’t like that their designs are being copied, Matthew shares an overview of the history of computer graphics, the Doxie scanner improves with WiFi, Sinclair Community College is making a giant indoor stadium to fly drones, iPad sales are falling, NASA is 3D printing in space using the Zero-G, Snapcash is actually useful, Betaworks is analyzing your #homescreen, and Fitbit data can be used in court.

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Episode 128b: To Tweet, Or Not To Tweet

Now that is the question people are faced with when they take a photo.

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128: Tweeting Selfies While Driving


This week we talk about the ROI of Selfies and driving cars.

We also talk about RadioShack’s next move, the intersection of privacy and surprise, Apple’s CarPlay, Ellen Tweeting at the Oscars, Microsoft’s SurroundWeb & IllumiRoom, Tesla’s European expansion, Corning glass verse sapphire glass, Wello bio-metric case, Ballmer’s mistake, and Blackberry’s continued slide.

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