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298: Full Team Coverage Of Apple’s WWDC

298: Full Team Coverage Of Apple’s WWDC

Apple WWDC

That’s right: full team coverage: all our resources were devoted to covering Apple and their WWDC this week. They released new hardware: Macs, iPads, and a HomePod. They also made updates to watchOS, macOS and iOS, with improvements to Siri, AR and machine learning. We had a ton of notes below digging into each of the different parts below.

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217: 📱👍😂🚖💾

Tears of Joy Emoji from Episode 203

So it turns out that we were already on the edge of pop culture. I went looking for the tears of joy emoji to use as your picture, when I remembered it look very familiar… and it was! We used it back for episode 203 and talking about LOLs. See below for all the links and details of what we talked about.

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208: Turning Your Attention To The Sharing Economy

Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is dead. The biggest reason has to do with trust. With the potential for fake reviews and broken products/services, it’s easier to simply rent/subscribe to a bigger company.

See below for all the notes and links on the topics we covered.

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204: The Amazon of Tech Podcast Episodes


In the book Made To Stick, it talks about to get people to quickly understand and idea. One really easy way is to take something they already know and then tell them how it’s different. Thus the formula “It’s the [existing company] of [new market]” was born.

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159: Watching Crystals Grow


James gets a Nest Thermostat and Protect, Matthew gets an LG G3 and Moto 360, Mr. Rogers is the man, HP is officially not better together, GT Advanced files for bankruptcy, the NFL bans Beats from the cameras, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella doesn’t think women need a raise, Samsung is declining in revenue, Squarespace makes a pretty cool update, Airbnb is now legal in San Francisco, Lego gets called out by Greenpeace for their partnership of Shell, Jonny Ives talks about the Apple Watch, and Tesla releases a new car.

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Microsoft’s Tablet Surfaced This Week

Episode 39! The big news was Microsoft’s new Surface Tablet. We talk about the device and how it’s a transitional product for a company in transition. There are still a ton of questions about it, but they’ll all have to wait since nobody actually gotten to try one.

We also talk about Facebook’s purchase of, LG getting out of the tablet game, Airbnb’s sleepover milestones, the new version of Flipboard, Matthew’s hands-on with the new Retina display MacBook Pro, Windows Phone 8, Waze’s new Real-Time Fuel Prices, the dropping price of SSDs, PC maker’s hopes of future notebook purchases, Larry’s Hawaiian Island, Bing’s Image Search non-improvements, RIM’s potential fracturing, Apple’s new cloning security, Google Maps discounts, and Larry Page’s absence.


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