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199: Buying Radios On Amazon


(Image: Copyright 2015 – Daniel Livingston –

Matthew watches Back to the Future with a live orchestra. How cool is that?!

We then talk about Flipagram’s huge growth, Google Photo’s back-up problem on Android, Amazon Prime and Walmart’s cheap competition, New Horizon’s visit to Pluto, Colin Cowherd’s comment about radio going away, Adobe’s death march, Fitbit vs the GoPro, Kevin Rose’s opinion on Reddit, firing from drones, Tesla future Roadster, eSport athletes doping up, and the Lumos bike helmet that lights up.

Also, we’re still experimenting with a short show. See if you can find it. :-)

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198S: Disynergizing CEOs (The Short Show)

mitosis diagram

We’re trying something crazy this week and experimenting with a shorter show format. There are a couple new Easter Eggs of wisdom, but it’s pretty much the same show, but done a whole laster faster. Let us know what you think!

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198: Disynergizing CEOs


Disney is really ramping up the number of Star Wars movies, the Bolt is a cool electric bike, HP is taking a week off and losing Bill Veghte to SurveyMonkey, Apple Watch is doomed, Waze is semi-taking on Uber, Microsoft is making progress with the HoloLens, the BBC is making a micro:bit for kids, Tinder has verified users, Ben Huh is stepping down from I Can Has Cheeseburger?, Reddit has a new CEO that the community likes, Google and Blackberry are suiting up together, and Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata passes away.

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197: Trying To Please Everyone All The Time


Happy post 4th of July! We enjoyed some massive fireworks up close and personal. Then we talked about tech:

Top Gun 2 is coming and it’s going to be great, Piazza Careers tells us what we already know about where people want to work, Apple Music strikes a coord with music lovers, Reddit has a secret, Google Photos needs to work on their recognition algorithm, Apple’s cars are for mapping purposes only, OnePlus was giving away Cardboard, and Swift is popular.

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193: We Read Your Tweets.


Jurassic World is upon us! But first, let’s tweet about it.

Google Photos puts together some strange albums, The World Video Game Hall of Fame includes some great titles, Swift is a year old, Chris Sacca believes in Twitter, The Button is done, Google will start reprint accidents, Windows is coming next month, LEGO is going to take on Minecraft, Netflix will start showing ads, Apple Watch has a heart rate problem, ThunderBolt gets a USB-C plug, TechCrunch is changing hands again, and Yahoo is killing off properties nobody cares about.

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184: Jay-Z Will Beat iTunes In The Long Run. April Fools!

Interstellar Tidal Wave

Matthew finished How I Met Your Mother and loved it. Good for him.
Ex Machina does some crazy advertising on Tinder during SXSW, Jay-Z comes out with Tidal to take on Apple and Spotify, Microsoft’s Surface 3 actually looks pretty cool, we review all the best April Fools jokes from last week, Hyperkin is making a Game Boy adaptor for the iPhone 6 plus, Amazon launches Home Services and the Dash button, Meerkat and Periscope are neck and neck with traffic, CMU Robotics makes some great sensor improvements for mapping 3D objects, Openbay wants to improve the car repair experiences and SnapPower makes adding a USB charging port crazy easy.

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158: Paying For Windows 9


HP just might be break up again, Matthew hates Snapchat, Saturday morning cartoons are gone, the next great tech breakthrough will come in pairs, PayPal splits from eBay, Microsoft announces Windows 10, Rovio lays off people, Blackhat is a new hacker movie, Reddit is creating its own crypto currency, GE makes an awesome commercial for the Link Spot, the Pebble gets a price cut, and Weezer helps prove that music can’t sell music.

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101: Thinking Outside the Incipient Chip

Chocolate Chips

In order to keep pace with innovation, you sometimes need to get creative: when everyone else is looking left and right, you look up. We’re on the precipice of something big.

To that end, we learn about dirty little secrets thanks to a Reddit thread, we celebrate Pandora’s limitless music, we make fun of Champagne, we marvel at the possibilities of graphene, we question Nintendo’s 2DS strategy, we marvel more at Samsung’s multi-layered NAND, we predict the merge of Twitter and Facebook, we mention Betaworks & Instapaper’s new look, we watch Keven Spacey talk about the future of TV and movies, and we finish with Hugo Barra leaving Google’s Android team.

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Marty McFly and Quantum Computing

Episode 55! Dealers don’t like Tesla’s factory stores, Digital Legacys offer digital headstones via QR codes, PC thumb scanners are insecure, Marty McFly gets stuck in 1955, Reddit users learn to tell if they’re on the Internet, SNL does a hilarious iPhone 5 skit, and Curiosity Mars Rover tweets it out.

We also talk about the mysterious NYSE bandwidth hog, the decaying web, Baseball’s iOS 6 Passbook success, Rose’s Law of quantum computing, Matthew’s Podcasting app woes, Angle investor returns, and we give a shout out to Felix Baumgartner for surviving a very big fall.


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Community Service

It’s episode 42 fellow hitchhikers! It turns out that HP’s parts are worth more than the whole, NYC begins upgrading pay phones to wi-fi hotspots, Deron Williams signs his $100 million deal on an iPad, it might only cost Google $152 to make the Nexus 7, and Digg officially gets sold.

We also talk about Microsoft buying Perceptive Pixel, Nokia’s path to bankruptcy, Microsoft’s new chassis design for Surface, Apple’s EPEAT debacle, Steam’s new Greenlight & their summer sale, Amazon’s potential new smartphone, RIM’s amazing Twitter campaign, and finally we pine over a potentially new Office suite.


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