238: James And Matthew Hit Peak Tangent, You Won’t Believe Where We End Up!

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The Probe Droid Reaches Peak Tangent

Matthew and I hit peak tangent in this episode. It starts out easy enough with Instagram photos and Facebook’s f8 developer’s conference. Then we get deep into camera technology, texting, the future of books, drone sports, and end with a rant against making 4 sequels to Avatar. All the tangential show notes are below.

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Peak Tangent Show Notes

Are you on vacation to relax? Or to get that perfect photo?
Instagram Is Ruining Vacation


This is interesting: New York wants to enable a tool that will tell them if you were texting while driving. The idea is it won’t reveal what you wrote, but simply identify that you were texting. The idea of privacy is definitely getting blurry, especially as these devises continue to have a massive impact on your real-world lives.
New York’s Textalizer


Facebook held their developer conference last week, called f8, and unveiled a bunch of new things. The big one are chatbots. The first article gives a good overview, and in the show I walk through an example of how it works with HP’s printing bot.
Facebook launches Messenger platform with chatbots
Chatting With CNN on Facebook
HP Printing Bot on Messenger
Facebook Chatbots Are Frustrating and Useless
Bot hype battles bot reality
Live Video From Anywhere To Facebook
Facebook Simplifies Sign In
Facebook Open Source 360 Camera
Create Video Profiles

Cameras continue to improve. On the professional end, Lytro’s new camera allows for lots of post editing, which is great. On the consumer end, dual cameras are on the way.
Lytro’s First Cinema Camera
The Future Of SmartPhone Cameras Is Dual


AMC wanted to try something amazing, and then backed off. It sure feels like the slow death is upon them, despite all the great films coming out.
Texting In Theaters


Amazon made a Kindle for people who love to read… for $290. It has some interesting features, but we’re not sure it’ll convince people to upgrade their existing Kindle quite yet.
Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is the funkiest e-reader it’s ever made


Drone racing is going to be big and ESPN wants in on the action. The promo video does look pretty cool. It’ll be streaming on EPSN 3 to start.
Drone Racing Coming To ESPN


Biotech is coming. This guy couldn’t move his arms, but thanks to a chip in his spine, he got some movement back.
Soon, Doc Oc


If you’re into online gaming and reading, this sounds like a fascinating book. It’s the history of battles on EVE. We go into details of the $9 billion battle in episode 123.
Empires Of EVE

For some reason, James Cameron this there should be 4 more Avatar movies. This seems like a big mistake.
Apropos of Nothing: 4 More Avatar Movies Coming