261: Ephemeral Hardware. Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer.

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snap spectacles

The big news this week is that Snapchat is changing their name to Snap, Inc and they’re releasing new hardware: a pare of sunglasses with a camera called Spectacles. See that story and many others below.

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Spectacle Show Notes

Palmer Luckey funds a PAC that doesn’t help his reputation.
This Week In VR: Keeping Your Politics Off Facebook


James gives his short iPhone 7 Plus review.
A Speed Test Comparison Of Every iPhone Ever Made
iPhone 7 And The Future of AR on iOS
Apple Hired Two Engineers For AR


Snap, Inc. has a pair of $130 spectacles. They take 10 seconds of video! Then you manual sync and add them to Snapchat.
Snap, Inc. Announces Their First Connected Hardware
Snaptacles Won’t Work At Night
At Camera Conferences, People Take Pictures Of Pictures Taken On A Camera With Their Phone So They Can Post Them Online Slightly Faster


Maybe Twitter is better as a feature of a larger product? Maybe McLaren is better as a product in a  larger product line?
I Didn’t Know Salesforce Was Big Enough To Buy Twitter
Why An Apple McLaren Partnership Make Sense
Why A Strategic Investment In McLaren Applied Technologies Makes More Sense


Driverless cars will hence forth be called Autonomous Vehicles (AV), according to the federal DOT.
The Federal Government Sets Guidelines For Autonomous Cars
Car Companies Aren’t Thrilled With The Idea Of Turning Over Their Data
A good summary of their most impactful guidelines


Google has a new messaging app. It’s Google bot is awesome. The rest is OK.
Google Allo Review: This is Fine


HP has a new printer, but get this, it doesn’t use ink!
HP’s Sprocket might not be the best instant printer, but it’s definitely the most fun


Quadcopters are awesome. Legos are awesome. Together? Everything is awesome!
Building A Quad Copter Out Of Lego


Finally, some quick articles to round out your day. :)
Teaching An AI Doom: Killing All Humans
The Tallest Building In The World Is Now The Largest LED Screen In The World
Facebook Messenger Calls Now Look Like Real Calls On iOS