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248: Solar Powered Cheese Cutters

248: Solar Powered Cheese Cutters

Independence Day Cheese Cutters

Dare to dream! Laptops are getting so thin that they can double as cheese cutters. But are they getting too thin? Maybe the “cheese cutters test” isn’t the right area laptop makers should be competing. Maybe it should be about battery life and speed.

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181: A Little Bit Of Feedback On Touching The New Watch

Apple Watch by Pebble

This show is about Apple. We just cannot help ourselves. Sure, we mention Star Wars, GigaOm, YouTube and a couple other companies. But this show is really all about Apple.

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109: Candy Apples and Fun Sized OS’s

Candy Apple

Happy Halloween! We hope you enjoyed celebrating last weekend (according to Matthew’s theory). This week we were showered with all sorts of treats from Apple, Nokia/Microsoft, and others.

Specifically, we talk Square Cash, predicting Kickstart success, MAP, China’s creative slump, the wild market of smart watches, Nokia’s Asha, Lumias, Blackberry’s BBM, Apples Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iLife, iWork, Mavericks, Microsoft’s reaction to them, LinkedIn’s Intro, and Samsung negative comments.

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