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287: Apple, DC Comics and This Podcast Are Directionless

287: Apple, DC Comics and This Podcast Are Directionless

Directionless Sign

DC Comics released the Justice League trailer. Apple released a new iPad. Though both seem individually cool, what they both lack is a unified vision. Still, that doesn’t stop us from thinking great things are just around the corner. For example, Apple might release some awesome new AR apps this year. And DC might live up to the hype of the trailer. Time will tell. Until then, we have a bunch of cool new products, or products in development below.

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213: Monthlification of the Future


Everything on the internet was once expected to be free (thanks Google). Then we started paying for songs (thanks Apple) and books (thanks Amazon). Soon it became normal to pay for things online. Then Netflix showed us that monthly subscriptions can be massively convenient for customers and super profitable for companies. It seems that all the major players are getting in on the monthly subscription goodness. But is it setting them up for a backlash when the economy turns and people start looking for ways to cut their monthly expenses?

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203: The LOLs of ABCs at DCA, jaja


Did you know that LOLs are on the way out? haha.

WeChat is huge and chances are you’re not using it because it’s huge in China. What makes this app interesting is that it breaks many of the current rules that US app makers follow.

Google is now part of Alphabet. It’s both a fascinating name, and a confusing name. Same goes for the structure. Hopefully this will make it easier for us to predict what Google is going to do.

Disneyland and Walt Disney World are adding a Star Wars land, to which we declare: about time! Seriously, this is going to be awesome. Just as awesome is the work that ILM is doing to bring VR to the professional movie level. As the camera guy who made bullet time says, he wants to make the Matrix.

People still think Apple is making a car. James still thinks they’re wrong.

HTC is worth less than the cash they have. That’s not a good sign and we expect something big to happen to them within the year.

Foursquare is still around, BTW.

Baseball is starting to experiment with computer aided batter’s boxes instead of umpires. This is a fascinating proposition that requires some fundamental answers about the purpose of the game. Check out the South Park episode right below that link.

Samsung creates the first 16TB SSD… which is just crazy.

And finally, if you’re on AT&T, check out their new shared data plans because they just got better.

Enjoy the show!

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104: The Award Winning, Life Saving, Automated Episode

 Technology Health

This week contained highs and lows. Life is good if you’re Apple, Google, Rockstar and HP. Life isn’t so good if you’re Nintendo, Blackberry or Microsoft. We dissect each reason why.

We talk about the new Scout alarm system, Hiroshi Yamauchi of Nintendo passing away, Apple’s 64-bit processor, Blackberry’s death, Google’s new health company called Calico, robots building cars next to humans at BMW, HP’s new Android/Windows tablets and their new laptop with Leap Motion control, Grand Theft Auto 5’s record sales, and Matthew’s unfortunate experience with multi-path TCP.

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97b: BMW plugs into the electric car market

They’re competing on the lower end, which Matthew hates.

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97: The Pebble and Other Stuff


It finally happened: James got his Pebble Smart Watch. Learn the full review after using it for a week.

We also talk about BMW getting into the electric car market, the new Moto X from Motorola and Google, Bob Mansfield’s semi-retirement, Sony’s and Panasonic’s next gen disk, Google’s wi-fi take-over at Starbucks, Samsung’s less-than-real performance, HP’s new Android-based SlateBook, the Black Hat conference, Google Glass being used in the NFL, hybrid airplanes, Apple’s eBook punishment and teleportation. Wow!

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