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212: Going Public as a Super Villain

Evil Musk

We come to an inescapable conclusion in this episode: Elon Musk is a Super Villain. Think about it. He’s publicly stated that humanity will die in 20 years. He’s working on his own escape to another planet. And he’s creating autonomous robots (cars) that look sleek and people inherently trust. This is how it happens people!

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211: It’s Like Deja Vu All Over Again

Mircosoft Surface

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Great artists steal. It’s like deja vu all over again. That seems to be the same after a 3rd set of hardware announcements that basically seems to only change the company name. Don’t get us wrong. Microsoft’s interpretation is very compelling, but it all seems too familiar. See below for all the links to each article.

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194: Watching The WWCD Keynote Next to Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt Retweet

It sounds like Jurassic World is pretty good and will hold the open weekend box office record until December. We also talked about the the impact of the World’s Fair on your life, Apple’s numerous announcements: El Capitan, Siri, Swift 2, watchOS 2, Music, News, and more. Oculus announced their consumer hardware which will work with Windows 10 and Xbox One. Finally Dick Costolo is out of Twitter and Jack Dorsey will be taking over.

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Anxious Anticipation

Episode 56! Matthew has a friend who will live near Zuckerberg, Hipmunk adds fare alerts, Blue River Technology invents robots to kill weeds, Microsoft announces Surface RT prices, Apple announces the iPad Mini event, Google announces an Android event, Facebook tries new money making ideas, and Jack Dorsey shares his leadership ideas.

We also mention Zynga’s stock problem, Google’s stock woes, the trouble with Chromebooks and the Onion’s first Onion Talk.


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