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Disney is really ramping up the number of Star Wars movies, the Bolt is a cool electric bike, HP is taking a week off and losing Bill Veghte to SurveyMonkey, Apple Watch is doomed, Waze is semi-taking on Uber, Microsoft is making progress with the HoloLens, the BBC is making a micro:bit for kids, Tinder has verified users, Ben Huh is stepping down from I Can Has Cheeseburger?, Reddit has a new CEO that the community likes, Google and Blackberry are suiting up together, and Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata passes away.

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One thought on “198: Disynergizing CEOs

  1. Hey Bros!
    You asked for comments on the short show 198…?..well I want to start out by saying… kudos to you for continuing to lookout for your audience by finding new innovative ways for keeping us listeners happy…..BUT… (you probably saw that but coming)…what I listen wait listening every week for is one of your philosophical rants…or sidetrips..like the one Matthew went on about in the May (189?)…episode…in how he was worried about Automated Intelligence software…how it will continue to know more and more and do more stuff….until no one even knows what it does…or how it’s doing it…which is potential for disaster..and why everyone should learn code. ..learn to build the tools..not to be a ptool…Yeah that was a good one…so..the Short Story version is cool and all…but.. I like it when you make a Short Story Longer!

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