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Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is dead. The biggest reason has to do with trust. With the potential for fake reviews and broken products/services, it’s easier to simply rent/subscribe to a bigger company.

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The underworld of shading advertising and fake reviews are interesting. We go into how one reporter create a fake business… literally called F.A.K.E. and bought his way, with fake reviews, to actually get traffic.
I created a fake business and bought it an amazing online reputation

Closely related, we talk about the death of the sharing economy. People are still becoming asset light, but their not getting their by sharing.
The Sharing Economy Is Dead, Long Live The Sharing Economy

Eric Schmidt wants “the people” to decide what music they like and let machine learning find out the most interesting songs to listen to instead of having tastemakers (like Zane Lowe) put together a playlist. Unfortunately, people have terrible taste, even though they don’t know it. Also, there’s so much more that goes into how much we like something then the quality of the music. The fact that a tastemaker picked it is no small part of the reason we like it. That being said, with the right approach, a computer could automate that proces.
Eric Schmidt Says Apple Music Is “Elitist”
More On His View Of AI

Matthew said last week he thought the Apple subsidized iPhones was the biggest iPhone announcement made. Good to hear Wossberg agrees.
Wossberg Says We Need To Set The Phone Free

Is it wrong to block ads? According to Marco… kind of… He felt badly enough about it that he pulled his app from the store after being #1 for 36 hours.
Marco Arment Pulls Peace From The App Store Because It Just Doesn’t Feel Good

Turns Out Matthew Won’t Be Getting Project Morpheus…

Remember Second Life? Well… It’s getting a… wait for it… Second life in the form of AltspaceVR.
AltspaceVR Comes to GearVR, Making Shared, Cross-Platform VR Experiences Possible

You have to love the internet. Apple’s first app in the Android Store, which is designed to help people move to iOS, isn’t exactly getting the best reviews. Though they are hilarious to read.
Android Fanboys Troll Apple’s First Android App

Amazon does what it does best: compete on price.
Amazon Announces A $50 Tablet

Snapchat announces for things this week: Trophies (which look dumb), Lenses (which looks awesome), a deal with the NFL (which could be cool), and the ability to pay $0.99 to re-watch a snap.
Snapchat Wants You To Pay For Rewatches
Snapchat Inks NFL Deal to Bring Football Into Its Live Stories

Ready to have fun getting frustrated?! This is the game we talked about where you try to land the SpaceX Falcon 9 lander. Good luck!
SpaceX Falcon 9 Lander Game

Briefly mentioned and added for completeness:
Facebook Is Expanding Facebook For Work
Google Is 20 Billion Lines Of Code