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198: Disynergizing CEOs


Disney is really ramping up the number of Star Wars movies, the Bolt is a cool electric bike, HP is taking a week off and losing Bill Veghte to SurveyMonkey, Apple Watch is doomed, Waze is semi-taking on Uber, Microsoft is making progress with the HoloLens, the BBC is making a micro:bit for kids, Tinder has verified users, Ben Huh is stepping down from I Can Has Cheeseburger?, Reddit has a new CEO that the community likes, Google and Blackberry are suiting up together, and Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata passes away.

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190: The Good, The Bad and the Content Networks

Verizon Video Network

We talk about four stories this week. That’s right. Just four.

First, Google has an image problem which is going to cause them problems with their self-driving car program. Second, Nasdaq is going to be implementing the blockchain on their private equities market. Third, Verizon is buying AOL. Nobody should care, be we all really do. Fourth, Facebook announces Instant Articles in an attempt to speed up the internet by making links native.

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189: Mark Zuckerberg Is My Ecquaintance

zuckerberg and gates ecquaintances

An online acquaintance is a ecquaintance. Get it?

This week we talk about Nucleus Scientific and their battery disruption, Selequity’s service to make funding real estate deals easier, Facebook’s, Nintendo’s profitability, Keurigs pouring out of customer satisfaction, Fitbit’s statement to IPO, Oculus Rift’s pressure to ship, and how Showcard is using the Blockchain to store your identity.

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