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Everything on the internet was once expected to be free (thanks Google). Then we started paying for songs (thanks Apple) and books (thanks Amazon). Soon it became normal to pay for things online. Then Netflix showed us that monthly subscriptions can be massively convenient for customers and super profitable for companies. It seems that all the major players are getting in on the monthly subscription goodness. But is it setting them up for a backlash when the economy turns and people start looking for ways to cut their monthly expenses?

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When Steve jobs announced the iPod, Fanboys hated it. Check out the comments section. Some things never change. We then go deep on the latest internet trend: monthly subscriptions. Are they a good thing? Are companies setting themselves up for customers to make hard choices in the future? It sure seems that way.
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It’s a good thing we host our podcasts on AWS instead of HP’s public cloud…
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Star Wars is going to be huge. If the movie is good, it’ll set ridiculous records. Disney has done is right by Marvel, so they should be able to pull this off.
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Great Scott! If you haven’t re-watched the movies, you really should. They’re just fantastic.
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Even Google is getting in on the monthly subscription hype.
Youtube Red Is A $9.99 A Month Ad Free Youtube
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This just in! Consumer Reports hates cool companies.
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With increased competition, Pandora is paying through the nose to gain to customers and investors are losing faith.
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What a brilliant advertising strategy.
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Apple had better be building a car. It’s one thing to take people who couldn’t cut it at Tesla. It’s another to completely cripple a company by taking it’s top talent.
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