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Evil Musk

We come to an inescapable conclusion in this episode: Elon Musk is a Super Villain. Think about it. He’s publicly stated that humanity will die in 20 years. He’s working on his own escape to another planet. And he’s creating autonomous robots (cars) that look sleek and people inherently trust. This is how it happens people!

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When product reach feature parity, you can either start to compete on price, or becoming  lifestyle brand. Weibo is going the route of borrowing Pepsi’s brand for their next phone. If it works in China, we might see it in the US.
Pepsi P1 Smartphone Leaked – Specs, Price, Release Date

Here’s the deal. We all thought Elon Musk was Ironman. But we were wrong. Elon Musk is a Super Villain. If you’re driving and Tesla, and a red light turns on, get out of the car as fast as you can.
Tesla’s New Autopilot Will Take It From Here

Dude! EMC is getting a Dell.
Dell Is Buying EMC for $67 Billion
Contrast That To AWS’s Current Strategy
What the Dell, EMC merger really means
Dell’s $67 Billion EMC Deal Dwarfs All Other Tech Tie-Ups

Jack has been busy.
Square Is Going Public
Jack Dorsey Owns 24.4% Of Square, which is going to IPO
Twitter Will Cut More Than 300 Employees, 8 Percent of Staff

In light of the PC slump, the big 5 are getting together to make a huge marketing push. Unfortunately, the ads are really, REALLY, bad.
Intel, Microsoft, HP, Dell and Lenovo Unite
The PC’s New Ad Campaign, And Why It Fails
Watch the ads

Google’s strategy, unlike Facebook’s, is to fully integrate companies into the big G. Here’s how come of the big ones are still helping.
Where Are They Now? Google Acquisition Edition

Netflix takes a guess as to why they had a slump. It sounds believable… until other subscription based companies refute them. Ops.
Spotify Throws Netflix Under The Chip And Pin Bus

So… It turns out that “Internet Money” is a real thing.
Top Paid Youtube Stars

And… Apple successfully bookends all the fall launches.
Apple Updates iMac and Peripherals

There aren’t any apps, but at least it doesn’t need a phone.
Samsungs Gear S2 With 3G

When you’re getting in the way of emergency crews trying to put out fires, the government will (and should) step in.
The Fun Is Over, Get Ready To Register Your Drone


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