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Annoying Stocks

It’s stock market week and we have a ton of updates. Reminder: The stock market can be annoying because it doesn’t perfectly correlate with company value. See all the notes below.

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Annoying Show Notes

Disney is about to get a lot of VR content with Nokia’s new camera.
Disney And Nokia Team Up For 360 Video


Check out the video from the link that shows an easier version of this aircraft taking off.
Airlander 10: World’s largest aircraft “weeks” away from first UK test flight


It’s the annual “Apple is the worst” week. It’s not that they’re without criticism, but we need to keep it in perspective.
Apple Increased Market Share of iPhone Despite Fall In Sales
Apple Had More Profits Than Alphabet, Amazon And Facebook
Did we just hit peak Apple?
Apple Ignoring The Mac
Mac Sales Slump 12%
The Key To Apple’s Future: Services

We also follow up with many more stock updates. Amazon and Facebook win big. Nintendo and Yahoo… not so much.
Last Week In The Stock Market
Amazon’s AWS Was Stellar
Amazon Made A Bucket Of Money As A Gadget Company
Amazon’s Alexa & The Vaudeville of Things
Mark Zuckerberg’s audacious plan to control Facebook as he sells his stock
Nintendo earnings plunge 60 percent in fiscal year as it preps new hardware


Self-driving cars are coming. So companies are banning together to get laws created ahead of time.
The Self-Driving Car Lobby
Arguing For Less Regulation Early On
Crash Tests For Autonomous Cars Are Going To Be Way Weirder Than You Think
Driverless trucks will never replace humans


Samsung wants their own standalone headset too!
Samsung Is Getting Serious About VR


Snapchat is doing well. Click the link to watch a cute love story unfold.
College Love Story Played Out Over Snapchat
SnapChat Is A Camera Company


I get the sense that Dreamworks was ready to retire and they found a buyer who has more money than they know what to do with.
Comcast Buys Dreamworks Animation

If you’re an Apple Fanboy (disclosure: we total are), this article will really upset you.
Everything Annoying About Apple