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205: M is for Monopolies, Marriage and Money

M is for Monopolies Marriage and Money

This week we tackle the biggest issues facing society: Marriage, Money and Monopolies. We’re also trying a new format for how we link to stories. Let us know what you think!

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Community Service

It’s episode 42 fellow hitchhikers! It turns out that HP’s parts are worth more than the whole, NYC begins upgrading pay phones to wi-fi hotspots, Deron Williams signs his $100 million deal on an iPad, it might only cost Google $152 to make the Nexus 7, and Digg officially gets sold.

We also talk about Microsoft buying Perceptive Pixel, Nokia’s path to bankruptcy, Microsoft’s new chassis design for Surface, Apple’s EPEAT debacle, Steam’s new Greenlight & their summer sale, Amazon’s potential new smartphone, RIM’s amazing Twitter campaign, and finally we pine over a potentially new Office suite.


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