243: These Google Announcements Will Blow Your Artificially Intelligent Mind

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Artificially Intelligent Google IO

Google IO happened this week and it’ll blow your artificially intelligent mind with their news cluster bomb. Below are all the notes of everything they announced along with our hot takes in the podcast. Enjoy!

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Artificially Intelligent Show Notes

The auto-driving future is coming fast. Specifically, they’re targeting semi-trucks who watch the bottom line.
Self-Driving Startup Focuses On Upgrading Semis
Nikola Motors Was Listening To Me


Here’s one for the home team. The 3D printing future is here.
HP begins selling its Jet Fusion 3D printer


Google IO happened this week. Here’s everything. Check out the first link for a nice recap.
All the Important Stuff Google Announced at I/O 2016 Today
Google Home: a speaker to finally take on the Amazon Echo
It Has A Smaller Number Of Partners Then Echo
Is Google Gonna Eat Amazon’s Lunch Now? Spoiler Alert: No.
Google unveils Google Assistant, a virtual assistant that’s a big upgrade to Google Now
Avoiding BlackBerry’s Fate
Allo is a messaging app with Google built right in
The Messaging App Craziness At Google
The Ever Present Google AI
Google shows off Duo, its new HD video calling app and answer to Apple’s FaceTime
Daydream is Google’s Android-powered VR platform
You’ll Be Able To Watch IMAX in Daydream
Hundreds Of Millions Of Daydream Users
Daydream Gets Unity Support
Android Wear 2.0 gets a keyboard, standalone apps, activity recognition and a new UI
Google wants your help naming Android N And he begged the crowd not to name it “Namey McNameface.”
Android N’s Biggest Features
Google unveils Android Instant Apps that launch immediately, no installation required
Google says it’s just as big in the red-hot app ad market as Facebook
Android users have installed more than 65 billion apps from Google Play in the last year
Google Cardboard platform picks up steam with 50M app downloads to date


And a few other Google stories that didn’t fit into IO.
Google Patented a Sticky Car Hood That Traps Pedestrians Like Flies
Firebase Picks Up Parse’s Slack
Native Android Apps For Chrome OS
Android Awareness API
Google Built A Chip TensorFlow Chip



Want to see the cool things Disney is doing with VR? There’s an app for that.
Disney’s Steam VR App Is A Holding Pen For Their Experiments


CurrentC is definitely on it’s last legs.
CurrentC’s Predictable Plummet
Walmart Launches Walmart Pay