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Star Wars Storm Trooper On Hoth

This week we talk about Star Wars… A lot actually. We also dive into the world of self-driving cars, gaming, monopolies, and the future of medicine. All in all, it’s a solid show. Enjoy!

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Spoiled by Star Wars Show Notes

The new Star Wars movie is out and we take a FULL THRITY MINUTES to discuss it. Warning: there are definitely spoilers, but we tell you want to start listening again.
Star Wars Is Breaking Records And Taking Names
The force is strong in this film
Star Wars Bad Lip Reading

PSA: If you a get a drone for Christmas, make sure you register it, it’s only $5.
Drone Registration Will Come Just In Time For Christmas

George Hotz will probably change the world. The real question is if he’ll be frustrated like Tesla who never quite makes it, or if he’ll be able find a partner to help him soar to amazing new levels.
The First Person to Hack the iPhone Built a Self-Driving Car. In His Garage
Tesla added a couple corrections
Self-Driving Cars Refuse To Break The Rules, Even If It Means Getting In An Accident

According to stats (which never lie!), guys are not the only ones who play video games. Though, you wouldn’t know it because all the marketing is geared towards guys.
Chicks Play Games Too
Adam Ruins Everything About Gaming

Zero to One Book Review: Monopolies are good. “by ‘monopoly,’ we mean the kind of company that’s so good at what it does that no other firm can offer a close substitute.” We go in-depth on this concept.
Facebook Is Killing Photo Syncing, Asks Users To Download Its “Moments” App Instead
Gillette Sues Dollar Shave Club

The future of the medical work is physicians working with Watson-like computers to diagnose and treat your health problems.
Your New Medical Team: Algorithms and Physicians

Pebble finally updates the original Pebble to work with the new Pebble Time timeline. It’s pretty cool. If you have newer Pebble, you’ll also get step and sleep tracking built in.
The Pebble smartwatch finally does real fitness tracking