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DC Comics released the Justice League trailer. Apple released a new iPad. Though both seem individually cool, what they both lack is a unified vision. Still, that doesn’t stop us from thinking great things are just around the corner. For example, Apple might release some awesome new AR apps this year. And DC might live up to the hype of the trailer. Time will tell. Until then, we have a bunch of cool new products, or products in development below.

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Directionless Show Notes

I, James, ordered some new personalized/custom shoe soles. I downloaded their app, took 4 pictures. They’ll then use photo processing and machine intelligence to get my measurements. Then 3D print the soles. I’ll keep you posted on how they feel.
New Shoe Soles


DOTTY is an app you download that let you take 3D models and “place” them in your environment. Then, as you move your phone around, the model stays in place.
DOTTY AR Simplifies Simple AR


For you printer fans out there, there’s a case in the Supreme Court that could have implications on what a company says you can and can’t do with a product after you buy it.
Supreme Court Printer Cartridge Case Could Be the Citizens United of Products


Apple released a new iPad in a press release. This is THE iPad. Not the air, not the mini, not the pro. And it launched with literally no fan fair. It’s worth wondering why. It could be because they’re waiting until their new spaceship campus opens. Then they’ll have some really cool new gadgets to share.
Why Apple Debuted iPad In A Press Release
Apple’s Next Big Thing: Augmented Reality
Apple’s new Clips app makes social videos for other social networks


Gabe Rivera started Techmeme to help people wade through endless RSS streams. Today it’s become the #1 spot for people interested in tech to find out what’s going on. He’s your classic geek who doesn’t want too much attention.
Meet The Man Behind Techmeme


These next two link to videos. The first is a guy playing catch. BUT he’s looking at the ball in VR and catching it in real life. It turns out that’s tricky do to. The second video is of a dartboard that predicts the trajectory of the dart… and then moves so you hit a bullseye.
Disney Allows VR Users To Play Catch With Real Balls
Bullseye Dartboard


BMW is using 3D printing and VR to create semi-mockups of their cars before going into full production. It allows them to do rapid prototyping and make changes before getting too committed. This is super cool.
The Collaborative Advantage Of 3D Printing And VR


Another video worth watching. Researchers captured the growth of plants in high speed and high detail to give us a better understand of how they grow. This will become import as we attempt to go to Mars.
Watching Plants Grow In 3D


Intel Has Begun Selling It’s “Maybe It’s Memristors, But Maybe It’s Not Memristors” Memory
But seriously, it’s probably memristors, which is why they don’t want to talk about it.

With only 100 words, a new AI and use phycology to give us a glimpse into a person’s personality.
We Ask A.I. to Analyze Taylor, Tim, And Trump