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186: Searching For A Focus

google magnifying glass

Who did better: Harrison Ford or Ben Affleck? Needless to say, we’re both pumped about Batman v Superman and Star Wars.

We then talk about Hello Alfred making chores easier, Google’s lack of focus (we spend a lot of time here), 6 disruptive trends including 3D printing, headphone advertising and MOOCs. We then talk about Vizio’s new 4K TVs, DARPA’s new BRASS project, the next generation of Guitar Hero, Apply buying LinX to take better pictures, digital music downloads finally outselling CDs, and the death of Snapchat and Houzz (or not).

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81: Pardon The Disruption

Solar Panels

Disruptions are everywhere this week! Solar panels are disrupting the energy market, Google is disrupting the ISP market, Microsoft is disrupting the PC market, Bitcoin is disrupting the currency market, and Facebook is disrupting the mobile phone market. It’s a world gone crazy!

We also talk about 3D printing, the FBI’s surveillance tool, MIT’s DNA-patterned graphene, Samsung’s superior global Galaxy S4, Blackberry’s horrible Z10 sales, shallow texters, Foursquare’s $41 million investment, Internet Explorer vs. Murder Rates, Google’s inactive account manager, iPhone’s India sales, an attack upon WordPress, and regulated commercial drones.

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