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289: Apple Opens Up About The Mac Pro And Reveals Internal Struggles

289: Apple Opens Up About The Mac Pro And Reveals Internal Struggles

Mac Pro

Apple did NOT release a new Mac Pro this week, but did something they normally don’t do instead: they talked about their plans for the Mac Pro. The delay is because of four big things working against them: They are distracted by the new campus, they guessed wrong on the future of GPUs, larger products (by sales volume) keep taking precedence, and the product/manufacturing wasn’t flexible enough to easily adapt. This is why the product the languished. It also calls into question their leadership structure, and the dude at the top: Tim Cook.

See below of the rest of the stories from last week.

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218: Watching Football And Eating Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

This week we talk about the news that happened during Thanksgiving. Perhaps the best part is Matthew’s explanation of the difference between Raspberry Pi and Arduino. We also talk about drones, ESPN, surveillance, and a few really good stories. Check out the show notes below of the details.

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204: The Amazon of Tech Podcast Episodes


In the book Made To Stick, it talks about to get people to quickly understand and idea. One really easy way is to take something they already know and then tell them how it’s different. Thus the formula “It’s the [existing company] of [new market]” was born.

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98d: Print was dead in 2012, but now it’s back for Jeff Bezos

At least, that’s what he seems to be saying by purchasing The Washington Post.

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98: Live Audio

Matthew In Live Audio

Given our interest in technology, it should be no surprise that we experimented with new technology that brought audio to life in our podcast. Enjoy the new sounds!

This week, we talk about Microsoft’s price cut of the Surface Pro, the 40 Days of Dating blog, the new Her movie, Bill Gate’s comments about Project Loon, Computer-Brain research, Samsung’s attempted ban of Apple’s iPhones, Jeff Bezos’ purchase of The Washington Post, Nokia’s new commercial poking fun at Apple, Netflix’s crazy algorithm for deciding what movies you like, and Blackberry’s impending doom.

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