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203: The LOLs of ABCs at DCA, jaja


Did you know that LOLs are on the way out? haha.

WeChat is huge and chances are you’re not using it because it’s huge in China. What makes this app interesting is that it breaks many of the current rules that US app makers follow.

Google is now part of Alphabet. It’s both a fascinating name, and a confusing name. Same goes for the structure. Hopefully this will make it easier for us to predict what Google is going to do.

Disneyland and Walt Disney World are adding a Star Wars land, to which we declare: about time! Seriously, this is going to be awesome. Just as awesome is the work that ILM is doing to bring VR to the professional movie level. As the camera guy who made bullet time says, he wants to make the Matrix.

People still think Apple is making a car. James still thinks they’re wrong.

HTC is worth less than the cash they have. That’s not a good sign and we expect something big to happen to them within the year.

Foursquare is still around, BTW.

Baseball is starting to experiment with computer aided batter’s boxes instead of umpires. This is a fascinating proposition that requires some fundamental answers about the purpose of the game. Check out the South Park episode right below that link.

Samsung creates the first 16TB SSD… which is just crazy.

And finally, if you’re on AT&T, check out their new shared data plans because they just got better.

Enjoy the show!

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162: Big Brother is Watching You Print

Matthew Tough Mudder

Facebook and Google want to control the media, HTML5 is complete, Apple Pay is #1 and CurrentC is struggling to stay relevant, HP announces the Multi Jet Fusion printer and Sprout, Amazon’s Fire Phone isn’t selling well, Microsoft, Fitbit and HP show off their new smart watches, Version continues to do dirty business, the iPod is dead, and check-ins at Foursquare are declining.

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150: Watching Rumored Conspiracy Theories On Youtube


Rumors are that there is a secret space program that is at least 50 years ahead of NASA. Totally true.

Matthew shows off his new Philips Hue light, Apple sets the date to announce the iPhone 6, AOL sues an employee of selling them services they didn’t need for want, NASA is going to Mars using the EmDrive or Cannae Drive, Xiaomi is outselling Samsung in China, Samsung doesn’t want to pay Microsoft anymore for Android, Variety discovers that Youtube stars have more influence than Hollywood stars, Windows 8 is selling slower than Vista, BlackBerry is no longer cratering, and Foursquare is the new personalized Yelp.

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81e: Blackberry lives in a world where return rates can actually exceed sales

The crazy part is we all wonder how it’s possible instead of flatly rejecting the statement as false.

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81: Pardon The Disruption

Solar Panels

Disruptions are everywhere this week! Solar panels are disrupting the energy market, Google is disrupting the ISP market, Microsoft is disrupting the PC market, Bitcoin is disrupting the currency market, and Facebook is disrupting the mobile phone market. It’s a world gone crazy!

We also talk about 3D printing, the FBI’s surveillance tool, MIT’s DNA-patterned graphene, Samsung’s superior global Galaxy S4, Blackberry’s horrible Z10 sales, shallow texters, Foursquare’s $41 million investment, Internet Explorer vs. Murder Rates, Google’s inactive account manager, iPhone’s India sales, an attack upon WordPress, and regulated commercial drones.

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Water And Tech Do Not Mix

Episode 49 finds us poolside at a near-by Disneyland hotel. Things get crazy pretty quick as kids start showing up and splashing in the pool. Still we manage to talk about a couple tech stories: Space elevators are a ways off, Flipboard turns 2, Simple and start treading on each other’s territory, Wolfram Alpha analyzes your Facebook activity, there’s a new Foursquare checkin game called Landlord, CA approves self-driving cars, Facebook admits that some likes are fake, and Microsoft updates their TOS to be more of a QA.

We then dive into specific aspects about Disneyland: the technology involved in running a half-marathon, the future of Tomorrow Land, and fireworks.


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