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205: M is for Monopolies, Marriage and Money

M is for Monopolies Marriage and Money

This week we tackle the biggest issues facing society: Marriage, Money and Monopolies. We’re also trying a new format for how we link to stories. Let us know what you think!

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112: Spending Billions in a Snap


Companies are spending billions of dollars in an effort to set themselves apart from the competition. For example, Apple is spending billions in specialized manufacturing parts. Facebook is trying to spend billions of buy competing mobile apps.

We also talk about graphene’s super capacitor potential, Coin’s card that lets you hold 8 cards at once, Sony’s Playstation 4, Dropbox’s new business accounts, Android’s market share and the overall mobile fight, Facebook’s attempt to buy SnapChat, Apple’s massive investments in manufacturing, Automatic’s car data tracker, and MIT’s dynamic shape display called inFORM.

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This Week In The 1950’s: Censorship and Textbooks

This week’s episode is a little dark. We talk about Hulu expanding into original shows, kites that harness wind power, computer worms, SOPA protests, disrupting politics and Hollywood, Apple’s iBooks, and Lego’s new social network ReBrick.


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