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170: The Furlo Bros 2014 Postdictions

Furlo Bros Tech Podcast 2014 Postdictions

This week represents week 1 of a 2 week series. In this part, we take a look back at 2014. What was the big news? How did we do on our predictions? Predictably, we did pretty well with Apple, Facebook and Samsung. Surprisingly, Google through us some curveballs. It’s a good show to listen to, and don’t forget to catch our predictions next week.

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162: Big Brother is Watching You Print

Matthew Tough Mudder

Facebook and Google want to control the media, HTML5 is complete, Apple Pay is #1 and CurrentC is struggling to stay relevant, HP announces the Multi Jet Fusion printer and Sprout, Amazon’s Fire Phone isn’t selling well, Microsoft, Fitbit and HP show off their new smart watches, Version continues to do dirty business, the iPod is dead, and check-ins at Foursquare are declining.

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161: The Oligarchy Of The Internet

“We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars, but we won’t.” – Tyler Durden

On that happy note, we talked about everything this week. The Giants are playing well, Matthew completed another Tough Mudder, IO is an app for finding good restaurants, Samsung got on the CSFC list for a little while, Apple Pay is causing problems for CurrentC, the Internet is ruled by an Oligarchy, the Avi-on Switch makes turning on lights easy, iPad sales are just fine, Google decides to remake emails Inbox again, Facebook clones Room Inc, Air New Zealand makes an epic flight safety video, Microsoft ditches the Nokia name, Procter & Gamble don’t see much growth from Duracell, AT&T remans predictably mean, Amazon sneaks in the Android app store on their their Fire devices, and the Hoverboard is real.

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148: A Lesson in Marketing


Marketing is a fantastic study if you’re interested in psychology. This week we dive into that with a deep look into some marketing.

Samsung and Apple both released new commercials, Xiaomi releases the Mi Band to track your fitness, Microsoft announces that Windows will be merging into one unified software, Amazon releases the Fire Phone, Facebook enables us to save posts for later, Bose sues Beats, and Hello kickstarts Sense to help track your sleep patterns.

On the admin side, we seem to be experiencing some technical issues with our back-end system. So, if something doesn’t seem to be working, please let us know.

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Why Smartphones Get Bigger
Facebook Launches Save, A Read-It-Later List For Links, Places, And Media Pages
Samsung Advertises Apple’s Larger Screen iPhone
Apples MacBook Air Commercial Doesn’t Even Show The Screen
Xiaomi announces its first wearable device, a $13 fitness band
Microsoft Will Unify It’s Big 3 Operating Systems
Microsoft Is Already Giving Windows 8 The Vista Treatment
Amazon Fire phone review: a unique device, but you’re better off waiting for the sequel
Thiel Fellow’s Elegant Sleep Tracker, Sense, Crushes Kickstarter With $120K In A Few Hours
Bose Is Suing Apple Over Beat’s Noise Canceling Tech


143: A Dynamic Perspective on Slinging Yo

Slingshot v YoWe start off lamenting about the USMNT tie… Then we get down to tech.

Apple might be considering replacing the headphone jack with only the Thunderbolt connector, people are no longer reading, Facebook launches Slingshot at Snapchat, Snapchat tells it’s own story, Yo… well… that’s all we need to say about that, Amazon launch a new phone with a bunch of cool features (Dynamic Perspective, Mayday, Firefly, unlimited storage), Dwolla improves their sign-up process, Harley Davidson launch an electric motorcycle called LiveWire, and Google buys Dropcam.

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