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232: You Won’t Believe The Bus That DJI Avoided

232: You Won’t Believe The Bus That DJI Avoided


What a week! It felt like all the big annual themes got hit this week. Clearly this is the year of VR, drones, and the IoT.

Google’s autonomous cars hit something, Bold talks about credibility, Microsoft shares more on the HoloLens, VR heats up for HTC, Oculus and Sony, DJI introduces the next generation of Phantom drones, Raspberry pushes out a new Pi, and Amazon ramps up their Echo offerings.

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207: Salient Naming Issues

Salient Names of a rose

What’s in a name? A whole lot! Techmeme didn’t start out with that name. Neither did 3D Touch. Speaking of 3D Touch, this week, we spend most of our talking about Apple’s announcement. We think you’ll like it. See below for all the stories and links.

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195: Do You Think This Is A Game?

A Knight with animal detection

This week we talk about…

Google playing with photos (see image above), E3 where Microsoft and Sony show off all sorts of cool goodies, the future of virtual reality from Oculus, Valve & Starbreeze, Nintendo level maker and MarI/O, the death of the Mac, the possibilities of WebAssembly, Apple Music and TSwift, and finally Uber’s employees of the California Labor Commission.

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193: We Read Your Tweets.


Jurassic World is upon us! But first, let’s tweet about it.

Google Photos puts together some strange albums, The World Video Game Hall of Fame includes some great titles, Swift is a year old, Chris Sacca believes in Twitter, The Button is done, Google will start reprint accidents, Windows is coming next month, LEGO is going to take on Minecraft, Netflix will start showing ads, Apple Watch has a heart rate problem, ThunderBolt gets a USB-C plug, TechCrunch is changing hands again, and Yahoo is killing off properties nobody cares about.

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192: The Birth of a New Episode

Elinor Furlo

James celebrates the birth of his new daughter: Elinor. Thankfully she manages to be quiet the entire episode. Speaking of this episode, we talk about:

Vox buying Re/Code, Jony Ives moving up the ladder and doing less, Minecraft’s massive size, Google I/O: Photos, Pay, M, Now on Tap, Brillo/Weave, Jacquard, Soli, Ara, and Vault. We also talk about Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report, Snapchat’s something or other, and Facebook becoming a bank.

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170: The Furlo Bros 2014 Postdictions

Furlo Bros Tech Podcast 2014 Postdictions

This week represents week 1 of a 2 week series. In this part, we take a look back at 2014. What was the big news? How did we do on our predictions? Predictably, we did pretty well with Apple, Facebook and Samsung. Surprisingly, Google through us some curveballs. It’s a good show to listen to, and don’t forget to catch our predictions next week.

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156: The Good, The Bad and The Incredibly Expensive

expensive watchesMatthew gives his review of the Nokia Lumia: spoiler: he hates it. Then we talk about Microsoft buying Minecraft, DipJars goal of fixing tipping, Apple Watch’s pricing, Google’s Android One, FiftyThree’s new Mix on sharing, Facebook’s attempt at sharing Moments, Healthkit being broken, Space X and Boeing getting ready to send people into space, and selling music.

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Image: ealuxe.com

131: Accusations of Acquisitions


One clear path to growth is to buy another company and integrate them into what you’re already doing. This week included many interesting acquisitions: Disney bought Maker, Intel bought Basis Band, and Facebook bought Oculus.

In other news, Microsoft brought Office to the iPad, Apple wants to bring cable TV to Apple TV, Google might let Oakley and Ray-Band design their glasses, and Tesla continues to fight the state-by-state car selling fight.

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Image: techcrunch.com

They Didn’t Do Much. We Still Made It Interesting.

Episode 22! Pinterest’s relationship with copyright law is complicated, why Apple will bring Siri to Mountain Lion, Microsoft hates Google Apps, RIM has no motion, America has a spectrum problem, a man gets served on Facebook, there might be an Office for iPad, HP has a tough Q1, there might be a market for core gaming micro-transactions, Google Music struggles, and Matthew bought Minecraft.

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