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219: Swiftly Covering the Unifying Theory Of The Forbidden Fruit


So… It turns out that this week was full of Apple news. We swiftly run through they Unifying Theory of products, and then get into specific thoughts on products. Matthew is particularly excited about Swift, and I don’t blame him.

Also listen for Adobe’s product name change and PlayStation’s moves to bring back some classic games. Check out the show notes below.

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200: Accelerating The Next 200 Revolutions In China

Tech Revolution

200 episodes! An amazing ride! Here’s the deal: We want to invite you to celebrate with us and so we’re giving away 2 $100 gift cards to one of your favorite tech companies (2 x $100, get it?). Head on over to to sign up.

This week, we start out talking about Pixels and Ant Man (don’t worry, no spoilers). Then we get into the meat of show where we talk about the PlayStation winning this generation’s console war, Zillow buying DotLoop to take on DocuSign, the next industrial revolution, Google admitting the Microsoft’s Office is actually pretty good, Ashley Madison’s hack, GoPro’s new video service, Apple’s quarterly results, NASA’s new earth, Vizio going public, Apple’s car plans (if any), how drones impact emergency situations, and drug testing eSport athletes.

By the way, we did have an alternate show title: “The integral of x cubed from 0 to 5.318296”

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177: A Totally Legit And Definitely Not Fraudulent Episode


Here’s what we’ll do. You give us $10 to invest in Furlo Bros Inc. We’ll then turn that money into $20 – which is a 100% return. It’s virtually guaranteed. If you refer 4 friends to also invest in Furlo Bros Inc. We’ll double your return to $40. It’s totally Legit, just like Hong Kong’s MyCoin. We even predict that if we keep doubling every so often, we’ll become a $700 billion dollar company just like Apple.

FYI: That’s a joke.

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111: How Much Is A Retweet Worth?


We provide a semi-technical analysis of Twitter’s IPO and compare them with other companies not making money, like Blackberry.

We also talk about Western Digital’s 6TB hard drive, teens living Facebook, watches vs glasses, Blockbuster’s death, Mavel’s deal with Netflix, GT’s sapphire deal with Apple, wireless power collection, and Organovo’s 3D-printed liver.

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Moments with Matthew

Episode 53! One Year! Amazing! Google turns 14, Driverless cars get legalized in CA, Tesla secretly creates solar powered charging stations, printers print pictures of printers, the Clucks iPhone app gets advertising right, and smart phones are cheap to charge.

Also, MIT demos a mapping backpack (watch the video!), RIM keeps fighting with music videos, Apple apologizes for Maps, and Marvel creates an awesome second screen experience for Avengers.

Finally, we finish up with reflections about the past year and what we’re excited about in the next year. Thanks everyone for listening. We really appreciate it!


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Encyclopedia Tabletia

Episode 25! We talk about Marvel’s new augmented reality comics, how awesome the iPad is, Android fragmentation, the end of Encyclopedic printing, RIM $120 keyboard, Microsoft’s security fix, Google’s toilet cooled data center, and the FAA’s review of their gadget policy.


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