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199: Buying Radios On Amazon


(Image: Copyright 2015 – Daniel Livingston –

Matthew watches Back to the Future with a live orchestra. How cool is that?!

We then talk about Flipagram’s huge growth, Google Photo’s back-up problem on Android, Amazon Prime and Walmart’s cheap competition, New Horizon’s visit to Pluto, Colin Cowherd’s comment about radio going away, Adobe’s death march, Fitbit vs the GoPro, Kevin Rose’s opinion on Reddit, firing from drones, Tesla future Roadster, eSport athletes doping up, and the Lumos bike helmet that lights up.

Also, we’re still experimenting with a short show. See if you can find it. :-)

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117b: 2013 in Tech Review

We take a look back at what happened in 2013.

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117: The Uncanny Zeitgeist


This week we take a look back at 2013 tech trends.

We also talk about McLaren’s windshield force field, Console prices of Atari, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and Sega, the latency of Oculus Rift, Walt Mossberg’s look back at tech, Nielsen’s top websites, Google’s Zeitgeist, IBM’s 5 trends in 5 years, Cornell’s 3D printer, adding context to messages, Facebook becoming like Yahoo, Apple’s misunderstood commercial, Robinhood’s free stock trading app, Blackberry’s bad quarter, and Apple’s new Mac Pro.

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