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What a week! It felt like all the big annual themes got hit this week. Clearly this is the year of VR, drones, and the IoT.

Google’s autonomous cars hit something, Bold talks about credibility, Microsoft shares more on the HoloLens, VR heats up for HTC, Oculus and Sony, DJI introduces the next generation of Phantom drones, Raspberry pushes out a new Pi, and Amazon ramps up their Echo offerings.

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Show Notes on The Bus That DJI Avoided

We knew it was coming and here it is: One of Google’s autonomous cars cause an accident. It’s pretty cool being able to see all of the data and follow the logic of what led to the accident.
A Google Autonomous Vehicle Caused Its First Accident


I, James, continue my book report on Bold. This time we talk about the concept of credible vs non-credible vs super credible.
Checkbook lets you email anyone a digital check and deposit it free
Smart mattress cover startup Eight raises $6M


Microsoft is going to start selling the HoloLens really soon and so more details are coming out. It still looks like an awesome device if you can space $3,000 for the developer version.
Specifics On The HoloLens Developers Edition
The First Apps To Ship With HoloLens
Conker On HoloLens


We continue our coverage of VR. We talked before the show wondering if it made sense to talk about VR again… and the answer is yes because this space is heating up fast and you need to be in the know!
HTC Vive Sells 15,000 Units In The First 10 Minutes
MinecraftVR Shows Both The Promise And Concern Of VR
How Many VR Headsets Should We Expect To Be Sold?
Oculus Will Support Mac… Once There’s One Good Enough To Run It


Whether it’s avoiding obstacles in its way or tracking subjects you select, the DJI4 has clearly learned how to understand what it’s looking at. The video is simply awesome. Furthermore, prepare yourself for drone races.
The DJI4 Can See
Video from the Verge of it working
Dubai To Hold First Drone Grand Prix


The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to get a little bit better each passing month. This time it’s thanks to the Raspberry Pi.
Raspberry Pi 3 with 64-bit quad-core SoC, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth announced for $35
Incrementally better, which is still awesome
IoT Security Needs A Scalable Solution


Amazon is onto something with the Echo… It’s a sleeper product that is getting big in a hurry. It reminds me a lot of how AWS got started.
Amazon’s Alexa Will Be Able To Control Your Nest/Honeywell Thermostat
Amazon Launches The Echo Dot
Amazon Launches The Echo Tap