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Salient Names of a rose

What’s in a name? A whole lot! Techmeme didn’t start out with that name. Neither did 3D Touch. Speaking of 3D Touch, this week, we spend most of our talking about Apple’s announcement. We think you’ll like it. See below for all the stories and links.

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Drones are clearly a thing and Qualcomm is getting in the middle of it. This is great because it will drive down manufacturing costs down.
Qualcomm Wants To Do for Drones What It Did For Phones
Jerry Brown Struck Down Law Limiting Drone Airspace

10 facts about Techmeme after 10 years of sustainable operation. Great job and keep it up!
Ten Years Later, This Is How Techmeme Avoided Click-Bait, Auto-Play Ads, And More

Apple’s event came with a bang. They announced 4 product updates. It turns out Apple does hardware really well and we love covering new hardware.
Everything Apple Announced Today that Actually Matters
John Gruber’s Brief Thoughts and Observations Regarding Today’s ‘Hey Siri’ Apple Event

iPad Pro – bigger, better.
The Apple Pencil Looks Great, But…
Wired loves it, but wonders if we’re ready
Here’s why Apple made the stylus that Steve Jobs hated
Comic Writer Nails The iPad Pro Keyboard

iPhone – 3D Touch
If you buy AppleCare+, Apple’s new iPhone Upgrade Program is a great deal
Apple Brings 3D Touch To The iPhone 6s

Apple TV – App store!
Why Apple TV Doesn’t Have 4K Support
Apple TV will support 3rd party controllers

Apple Watch – There’s a watch band for that.
The Fall Collection Of Bands
How Hermes Helps Solve The Coke Problem

Betaworks is making a name for itself and attracting top talent to make the next killer app.
An Inside Look At Betaworks

Microsoft is able to put their engineers to work on Minecraft and make it a seamless experience across all platforms. Unfortunately, they took it a little far with Windows 10 by pre-installing it on devises. You win some, you lose some.
Minecraft Can Now Do Cross Platform Play
Microsoft Is Pre-Downloading Windows 10 to Your Computer