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273: San Francisco Has A Message For Uber

273: San Francisco Has A Message For Uber

Message from SF

Uber started testing their driverless cars in San Francisco last week. It turns out that they didn’t get proper permission from the DMV, who sent Uber a nice message asking them to stop. Uber didn’t listen and the justice department got involved. This is Uber’s MO: seek forgiveness instead of permission. The rest of the stories, and their links are below.

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Special: Discover A New Form Of Local Discovery With Evlo

Vintage Evlo

In this special episode we interview Nick Larson, the CEO of Evlo. Evlo is a commerce and discovery app (iOS only for now) that helps users explore local home furnishings without all the driving. Initially launching in San Francisco, the Evlo team wants to change how you shop for products to decorate your home.

Usually it involves searching online for unique shops. Then driving to each one to see what they have. If you’re really diligent, you’ll only hit a couple stores, or it’ll takes months (if not years!) to fully explore all your options. Who has time for that?

Instead, Evlo let’s you explore furniture and art near you right on your phone. You can easily see what’s available (including large pictures and often the price) before driving to the local seller to “touch it” before buying. It’s a good idea that brings a technological solution to a pain point millions of people share.

During the show, we talk with Nick about their app and how it was built. We probe him on the process of co-founding a startup, covering topics from forming a team, getting legal support and pursuing capital investors. He told us about the trials of being a founder and the perks (hint: his answer is “a great team”).

Finally we wrap up with a quick exploration of his favorite browser and more. You know, the important stuff.

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162: Big Brother is Watching You Print

Matthew Tough Mudder

Facebook and Google want to control the media, HTML5 is complete, Apple Pay is #1 and CurrentC is struggling to stay relevant, HP announces the Multi Jet Fusion printer and Sprout, Amazon’s Fire Phone isn’t selling well, Microsoft, Fitbit and HP show off their new smart watches, Version continues to do dirty business, the iPod is dead, and check-ins at Foursquare are declining.

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159: Watching Crystals Grow


James gets a Nest Thermostat and Protect, Matthew gets an LG G3 and Moto 360, Mr. Rogers is the man, HP is officially not better together, GT Advanced files for bankruptcy, the NFL bans Beats from the cameras, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella doesn’t think women need a raise, Samsung is declining in revenue, Squarespace makes a pretty cool update, Airbnb is now legal in San Francisco, Lego gets called out by Greenpeace for their partnership of Shell, Jonny Ives talks about the Apple Watch, and Tesla releases a new car.

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