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216: Overpriced Watches, Tablets and Stocks

Connected Watch

How much is something worth? Exactly as much as someone is willing to pay. The next question: how many people do you want to be willing to pay? Sometimes products are overpriced, and thankfully customers make that clear by not buying that item. Case in point: even though TAG’s new Connected Watch is cool, $1,500 might be a bit much to entice many people to purchase it.

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163: Excelling at Selling Albums


This week we talk about Interstellar, Google updates to material design with Inbox, Calendar, Maps and Lollipop, Flite Test makes a hellicarrier, Taylor Swift pulls her music from Spotify, Microsoft releases Word, Excel & PowerPoint on iOS the way it should be, Core Gamers are now mobile gamers, Amazon Prime allows unlimited photo storage and the ability to buy Echo on discount, Nest updates and goes free in Ireland, Apple Pay drives Google Wallet usage, OnBeep enables 2-way communication over wi-fi, and Mark Zuckerberg puts on an AMA.

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