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187: Nudging You To Buy a Delightful Watch

Matthews Apple Watch

The Spanish city of Jun using Twitter to run its government, Matthew got an Apple Watch, Google experiments with cell networks with Project Fi, BWM is selling a car that parks itself, Elon Must almost sold Tesla to Google, Central Japan Railway breaks a speed record at 603km/h, Cedar Fair’s new roller coaster Fury is decided to scare us, Apple haptic are going to become more life like, the Chevrolet-FNR looks cool but isn’t real, and Twitter is getting more into the messaging space.

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176: The Life And Death of RadioShack


RadioShack “consisted of” many store, but due to a lack of revenue will be declaring bankruptcy and it’s stores will no longer be “composed of” cell phones, accessories, and geek parts. Below are the links to the rest of the stories.

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