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Connected Watch

How much is something worth? Exactly as much as someone is willing to pay. The next question: how many people do you want to be willing to pay? Sometimes products are overpriced, and thankfully customers make that clear by not buying that item. Case in point: even though TAG’s new Connected Watch is cool, $1,500 might be a bit much to entice many people to purchase it.

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There are parts of machine learning that is always the same, and that’s the computing part. So Nvidia is building that into a chip to developers can stop re-writing the same code over and over again. It’s a smart move.
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It turns out that both Imgur and WordPress are huge.
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Matthew: “I’ve sat back confidently knowing the Mac would persist until the day they finally allowed Engineers to access the file system. Let them program and build new tools that require access to more than what iOS gives you access too. Until the iPad pro gives you root access, the only tool that lets you do all that is OS X. And Linux now. Swift 2.0 is open source and Apple is actively working to port it to Linux. Is Apple going to move their engineers over to Linux?”
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The reviews are in for TAG’s new watch. It definitely looks cool, but doesn’t have all the bells and whistles people looking for a smart watch would want. Interestingly, after two years you can trade it in (for another $1,500) for a mechanical watch. I think that’s TAG’s way of saying they think this is a fad.
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The end is nigh for Snapchat! Probably not, though. Probably just Fidelity got a little worked up and now they’re correcting that.
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T-Mobile’s Bing On is the antithesis of net neutrality, in short. But worse, kind of. Because now people like Matthew will pay more for Youtube to be an “unlimited fast lane”.
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Diamond are forever. And sometimes not sourced from a mine. This is definitely the future for computing, but we’ll see how lady’s fingers.
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