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109: Candy Apples and Fun Sized OS’s

Candy Apple

Happy Halloween! We hope you enjoyed celebrating last weekend (according to Matthew’s theory). This week we were showered with all sorts of treats from Apple, Nokia/Microsoft, and others.

Specifically, we talk Square Cash, predicting Kickstart success, MAP, China’s creative slump, the wild market of smart watches, Nokia’s Asha, Lumias, Blackberry’s BBM, Apples Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iLife, iWork, Mavericks, Microsoft’s reaction to them, LinkedIn’s Intro, and Samsung negative comments.

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Of Mice and Androids

Episode 58! Matthew reviews the Kindle Paperwhite, Google announces the Nexus 4 and 10 along with 700,000 apps, Ethiopian kids teach themselves to read, Scott Forstall exists Apple while Johnny Ive takes over, Matthew reviews the iPad Mini, Elon Musk shoots for Mars, and Disney buys Lucasfilm.


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Anxious Anticipation

Episode 56! Matthew has a friend who will live near Zuckerberg, Hipmunk adds fare alerts, Blue River Technology invents robots to kill weeds, Microsoft announces Surface RT prices, Apple announces the iPad Mini event, Google announces an Android event, Facebook tries new money making ideas, and Jack Dorsey shares his leadership ideas.

We also mention Zynga’s stock problem, Google’s stock woes, the trouble with Chromebooks and the Onion’s first Onion Talk.


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