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Message from SF

Uber started testing their driverless cars in San Francisco last week. It turns out that they didn’t get proper permission from the DMV, who sent Uber a nice message asking them to stop. Uber didn’t listen and the justice department got involved. This is Uber’s MO: seek forgiveness instead of permission. The rest of the stories, and their links are below.

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Show Notes

Amazon made a deal with Wynn to put Echos in every room. This is pretty cool and we see lots of hotels doing this in the future.
Wynn Las Vegas Is Putting An Echo In Every Room


Opendoor is using technology and imperfect market information to make money flipping homes in real estate. James would LOVE to do this business.
Opendoor: A Startup Worth Emulating

Uber likes to ask for forgiveness in everything they do. This week, they’re asking for forgiveness from San Francisco because they started using self-driving cars without getting the proper permits. Now, technically it’s just really sophisticated autopilot, like Tesla, but they’re calling it self-driving and The City sent Uber more than one message to make sure they’re legal.
Uber Has Self Driving Cars In San Francisco
Uber And Google Don’t Plan On Becoming Car Manufactures
Waymo Is Alphabets Driverless Car Company
California Wants Uber To Get A Permit
And Uber Doesn’t Think They Should Get A Permit
The Trump Administration Could Be Uber’s Saving Grace
Messaging apps are reaching maturity. This week Facebook Messenger add photo filters just like Snapchat. And Snapchat added the ability to create group chats just like Messenger.
Facebook Messenger’s artsy new camera turns any text into filters
Snapchat rolls out Groups, letting you chat with up to 16 friends at once
VR continues to improve. Not just the hardware, but the software as well. For example, Unity released an editor that allows you to create VR content while working in VR.
Unity Releases EditorVR
Google Introduces WebVR API To Chrome For Android


OK, this is just rumor, but we think Apple is getting ready to create an iPhone that you can wirelessly charge from a couple feet away. The company that makes it possible just got significant funding from a company that supplies parts to Apple. This is the type of maneuvering we would expect Apple to make to ensure they can get enough components.
Wireless Charging Startup Energous Is Teaming Up With Apple Supplier Dialog


League of Legends get “legitimized” by giving MLB and Disney streaming rights. Don’t worry, it’ll still be available on Twitch as well.
MLB And Disney Get League Of Legends Streaming Rights

Have a business idea, but don’t think you’re technical? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to let your creation come to life. This story serves and one example.
How a Non-Technical Founder Launches a Technical Product