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290: Pure Software Cameras And The End Of The Classic NES

290: Pure Software Cameras And The End Of The Classic NES

Classic NES

For some unexplained reason, Nintendo decides to stop selling the super popular Classic NES. It defies all business logic. We also talk about pure software cameras that don’t actually use the picture you took for the final picture found on your phone. It’s an interesting discussion. These articles and many more below.

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263: #MadeByFurloBros

263: #MadeByFurloBros

madeby google event

This episode focuses almost entirely on the #MadeByGoogle event. So naturally, we talk about all things tech: phones, platforms, home automation, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, exploding phones, wifi networks, and much more. It’s a great show. Check out all the show notes below.

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200: Accelerating The Next 200 Revolutions In China

Tech Revolution

200 episodes! An amazing ride! Here’s the deal: We want to invite you to celebrate with us and so we’re giving away 2 $100 gift cards to one of your favorite tech companies (2 x $100, get it?). Head on over to http://furlobros.com/giveaway to sign up.

This week, we start out talking about Pixels and Ant Man (don’t worry, no spoilers). Then we get into the meat of show where we talk about the PlayStation winning this generation’s console war, Zillow buying DotLoop to take on DocuSign, the next industrial revolution, Google admitting the Microsoft’s Office is actually pretty good, Ashley Madison’s hack, GoPro’s new video service, Apple’s quarterly results, NASA’s new earth, Vizio going public, Apple’s car plans (if any), how drones impact emergency situations, and drug testing eSport athletes.

By the way, we did have an alternate show title: “The integral of x cubed from 0 to 5.318296”

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74e: Google to sell a $1,300 browser

If you want, you can upgrade to a $1,450 browser.

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74: The Future of Cyborgs and Supercapacitors


In classic Furlo Bros fashion, we wax philosophically about just how awesome the future is going to be. Here’s what we talked about in episode 74:

The first artificial hand with feeling is to be installed, Sunrise redefines the iOS calendar app, Supercapacitors come closer to reality with a way to cheaply print Graphene, Sony fails to show the PlayStation 4 console at their PlayStation 4 event, Google announces the Chromebook Pixel and Google also shows off more of Glass.

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