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This episode focuses almost entirely on the #MadeByGoogle event. So naturally, we talk about all things tech: phones, platforms, home automation, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, exploding phones, wifi networks, and much more. It’s a great show. Check out all the show notes below.

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#MadeBy ShowNotes

Transhumanists and Christians are often at odds with their outlook on the human body and death. It seems though that they’re starting to come closer together to find some common, cyborg, ground.
When Cyborgs and Christians Compromise


Last week Elon Must talked about SpaceX going to Mars. Boeing came out this week to declare that the first martians will arrive on a Boeing rocket. Let the space race beginning again!
Boeing CEO: The First Martians Will Arrive On A Boeing Rocket


Google held their #MadeBy Google event this week where they release a bunch of new hardware. There was the Pixel Phone, Google Home, Wifi & Daydream. Plus, the expanded on their vision for AI.
Everything Google Announced at Its “Made By Google” Event that Actually Matters
“phone by Google” Has A New Set Of Killer Features
Google’s Daydream Launches With Pixel
It’ll Cost $79 And Coming In Early November
Google Announces Chromecast Ultra
Google Improves Your Home Wifi
Verizon Is The Exclusive Carrier For Pixel
With Assistant, Google Becomes More Apple-esque
All the Things You Can Do With Google Assistant That You Couldn’t Do Before
Why Google believes AI is the next front in the smartphone wars
Why the next 20 years will see a lot less technological disruption than the past 20
Pixel Has The Best Camera Ever
Where Pixel Falls Short
Pixel Is Kinda Expensive


Samsung continues to have a tough time with their Galaxy Note 7. It’s kind of unbelievable.
Samsung Accidentally Mistext Exploding Note 7 Victim
AT&T Halts Sales Of Note 7
T-Mo Just Followed Suit
A 4th Replacement Note 7 Has Caught Fire
Note 7 Didn’t Prevent Samsung From Achieving Record Profits
All 4 Carriers Will Let You Return Your Note 7
Samsung Halts Note 7 Production


Google wasn’t the only one to talk about VR this week. Oculus held their own 2-hour event to only talk about VR. One great piece of news: it’ll work with less expensive computers.
8 Biggest Oculus Announcements
Oculus Santa Cruz: The Reality Between Rift And Gear VR
Oculus Announces $49 In-ear Headphones
Oculus Will Work With Much Cheaper PCs
How Facebook Will Animate You In VR
Platform Wide Avatars
How Social Works In VR
1,000 ppi Screens And The Future Of VR
“I Demand To See The Dinosaur”
Palmer Luckey Skipped Oculus Event