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Google Home Mini Hardware

Google released new hardware with a goal to be radically helpful. They’re doing this by combining Hardware + Software + AI. They showed off 6 new pieces of hardware which we dive into.

Googles Five Big Hardware Announcements:

The Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL

Google Clips

  • One button. Turns out you need to let people take pictures with their camera.
  • AI Driven, They’re using a custom chip used in Tango to help take the most interesting pictures
  • GoPro dropped 5%, or ~$65M, after the announcement.

Google Home Mini and Max

  • $49 for the Home Mini: Designed to compete with the dot, not for music, mostly for connecting with Google Assistant
  • Because of a glitch, Google is removing all touch functionality from the Mini.
  • $399 for the Home Max: Not a sounds system replacement, just a very substantial speaker.

Google Pixelbook

  • Ranging from $999 to $1,649
  • i7 Processor with 512G of storage and 16G of RAM

Google Daydream

  • Simple design changes, and new lens design with bigger FOV. Nothing radical

Google Pixel Bud

  • Wireless earbuds
  • Tap on the bud to control it
  • When paired with Pixel 2, you get google assistant and translate easily
  • Easy adjustment for better fit


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