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Classic NES

For some unexplained reason, Nintendo decides to stop selling the super popular Classic NES. It defies all business logic. We also talk about pure software cameras that don’t actually use the picture you took for the final picture found on your phone. It’s an interesting discussion. These articles and many more below.

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Software Cameras Show Notes


We love IoT devices, so here’s a fun article of the things that don’t quite hit the mark.
15 Idiotic Internet of Things Devices Nobody Asked For


If you want that piece of nostalgic Nintendo swag, you better get on it quick, cause it won’t be there long.
Nintendo Is Discontinuing The NES Classic
No One Really Knows Why, But The Consequence Will Be Clear



Both Apple and Google’s first in class cameras do most of their true magic in software. What would it look like if pictures incorporated even more than the phone you personally took?
The Endgame For Cameras


Purple, a Utah mattress startup you’ve probably never heard of, is on track to unicorndom
I, James, got their pillow because it sounds high tech. I sounds like I’m not alone since I won’t get it until summer.


When you decide to buy something online, do you go to Amazon first or Google? The majority of people now start with Amazon.
Amazon continues to grow lead over Google as starting point for online shoppers


Fit is struggling to make a watch. GPS and waterproofing look like the primary culprits. While at the same time, Alphabet’s Verily came out with a watch that can track your health 24/7. The hope is it will lead to some future discoveries.
Alphabet’s Verily Developed A Smart Watch
Fitbit Is Having A Really Hard Time Making A Smartwatch


Simple chatbots are easy to make. Useful chatbots are much harder.
I turned my boss into a chat bot, and so can you
Can podcasting save the world?


Boeing Moves To 3d Printing Titanium Parts For Their Planes
It will result in $3 million saving per plane. Incredible.

I, James, have come to a concluding about Pai: He’s is a selfish person.
FCC chairman seeks to keep voice-call ban on planes


Life’s less fun once you run out of money. That’s what LeEco is dealing with right now. One of the results of spending all their money is now they can’t buy Vizio.
LeEco Won’t Be Buying Vizio After All


Facebook’s iPhone app is huge! Like, doesn’t make sense large.
Technical Analysis of the Facebook App Bundle for iOS