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Tears of Joy Emoji from Episode 203

So it turns out that we were already on the edge of pop culture. I went looking for the tears of joy emoji to use as your picture, when I remembered it look very familiar… and it was! We used it back for episode 203 and talking about LOLs. See below for all the links and details of what we talked about.

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We’re pretty sure this is just an PR stunt, but Oxford’s word of the year isn’t actually a word. Ironically, it doesn’t actually show up in their dictionary either.
Oxford Dictionary’s Word Of The Year Is An Emoji

Say what you will about Microsoft, but their dominance over the last 30 years is beyond impressive.
Windows turns 30: a visual history

Matthew shares his iPad Pro Review. The Pencil is awesome. The keyboard is OK. The size is a mixed bag. It definitely seems like one day OS X and iOS will converge.
The Best iPad is The iPad You Have With You
The iPad Pro’s Chip Isn’t That Cool
Tim Cook: Apple won’t create ‘converged’ MacBook and iPad
Has Apple Lost The Fundamentals Of Good Design?
The Pro Appstore Problem

Disruption and technology go together and peanut butter and bananas. So this week we spent some time diving into how disruption works and companies that are making it happen. Thanks Tina for the suggestion!
How Understanding Disruption Helps Strategists
Wary Of The “Next Warby”
What Technology Will Look Like In Five Years

Normally you work at a start up for stock options and little pay. However, for these private companies, you may get both. Plus, Matthew shares a story of just how crazy companies get when competing for talent.
The 20 Highest Paying Startup Unicorns

Apple shutting down Beats Music should not be a surprise. The fact that Zune Music was still around should be a surprise.
Apple Is Shutting Down Beats Music
Microsoft Shuts Down Zune Music

Google had a couple things up their sleeve this week. Streaming apps just sounds cool. Google+ is also becoming more focused. Check it out.
Google Can Stream Apps To Your Phone
Introducing the new Google+
Behind The +1: Meet The New Google+