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Homemade Chips

We cover a ton of news this week because so much of it is interrelated. If you take away one concept from this week, let it be this: Artificial intelligence continues to expand it’s capabilities and is aiding on the road, in the classroom, and on your face. AI will struggle to  make surprise moves that turn out to be genus, and we need to often ask ourselves if it’s worth it.

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James participated in a 24-hour gaming session (for only a couple hours at a friend’s house). If you’re into gaming, check this out for next year.
Extra Life

Have a fancy watch, and would like some of the benefits of a smart watch? Check out the Chronos Disc.
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The Department of Education is figuring out ways to make boot camps more affordable and accessible. This will really help drive the vocational economy for white collar workers.
Boot Camps, The DoEd and Vocational Education

Show me the money! Etsy isn’t doing so well while Shopify and Facebook are kicking butt.
Etsy Meets Expectations In Q3, Stock Drops 8% After Hours
Shopify beats expectations with $52.8M in Q3 revenue, sends stock up 8%
Facebook Speeds Past 1.55 Billion Users And Q3 Estimates With $4.5B Revenue

Google wants to make it’s own chips, but it’s probably not for smart phones. Matthew shares his theory on how it’s really for VR and self-driving cars.
Google Wants To Make It’s Own Chips
For Cameras And Smartphones
Mossberg: It’s Time For Google To Make Their Own Hardware
Google App Winners Show Off What Project Tango Can Do
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Tesla pulls a fast one and makes cars semiautonomous without needing any regulatory checks. As a result, Google comes out and says the transition between human and non-human is the problem. Which camp do you fall in?
Google Thinks Semi-Autonomous Cars Aren’t The Answer
Tesla Will Make It Harder To Be Dumb When The Car Is Driving
Tesla And The Regulatory Blind Spot
Apple’s Gonna Build A Big Ol’ Something

Artificial intelligence is pushing the bounds of non-human controlled activity. With all progress of cars, it’s important to ask questions about whether we’re doing the right thing and if we’re giving up too much.
An Inconvenient Proof
Artificially intelligent software is replacing the textbook—and reshaping American education
Morality And The Three Laws Of Robotics Video

“Apple’s new Apple TV has more rough spots than a bag of saw blades.” That sums up how most people feel about it.
The Uncharacteristically Rushed tvOS

Why is Amazon opening a bookstore? Matthew thinks it’s a trojan horse to take on Walmart. It’s a bit of a stretch.
Amazon Opened A Bookstore
2.5 Star

Two steps forward, one back for Microsoft. This was probably the right move, but it sure doesn’t look good.
Microsoft Kills Unlimited OneDrive Storage, Downgrades Paid and Free Options

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