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This week we talk a lot about Google. Make sure you check below for the link to their new logo (hint: it’s not this logo).

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1) Sony makes some big improvements to their online experience on the PS4. Streaming to YouTube and Tweeting videos clips is pretty cool.

PS4 System Software 3.00 Features Detailed

2) For $12 a month, you can avoid commercials on Hulu. Thank you Hulu for figuring out what all the only moving streaming services already figured out.
Hulu Starts a Commercial-Free Option to Rival Netflix and Amazon

3) What is Apple going to announce on Wednesday? We call it like we see it.

4) To be clear: 77% of Americans use a Smartphone. Of those, 51% use Android and 44% use iOS. If you are on Android, you should check out Motorola’s new Moto 360 watch. Heck, even if you on iOS, you should check it out.
Comscore: Smartphone Penetration Above 77 Percent In US
Motorola’s new Moto 360 watches are sleeker, smarter, and more customizable than ever
Google Wear for iPhone Officially Announced

5) After countless hours, Google has a brand new logo that looks similar to the old logo. The second link has a cool video of how Google has changed over time.
Google’s New Logo
Google’s look, evolved

6) 4K on a phone is now a thing. 8K will soon be a thing. 4K on small devises will become particularly important as we get deeper in VR because the screens will be so close to our eyes.
Sony Announced A 4K Phone
The Deal With Sony’s New 4K Phone

7) Finally, a couple smaller stories to round out the show:
Amazon Expands Dash Buttons To More Brands, Effectively Makes The Buttons Free
Nintendo games now available through Amazon digital store
Windows 10 grabs 5.21% market share, passing Windows Vista and Windows 8 in just one month

Image: pleaseenjoy.com