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196: You Have Our Full Attention, But We Should Be Charging

What do we do when we fall off the horse

Twitter has tons of potential and that can only be unlocked with a full-time CEO, SQFT aims to reduce agent costs to only 2%, Taylor Swift and Apple harmonize over Apple Music, Google and Tidal try to keep up, Pando become subscription based, Facebook Messenger doesn’t require a Facebook account, Uber is driver France crazy, 360Fly wants to capture the VR recording market, and Swarm mayors are in the house again.

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185: Is The Apple Watch Worth It?


Is the Apple Watch going to change the wearables landscape? We don’t know for sure, but that doesn’t stop us from making bold proclamations. We also talk about Star Wars being released on iTunes, Daimler’s incredible results of the SuperTruck Challenge, Twitter’s better handling of the Quote Tweet, Taylor Swift and the impact of exclusives in the music industry, Chinas Great DDOS Cannon, YouTube’s future subscription plan, how to make antennas a lot smaller, BlueTooth LEGOs, all-electric Aston Martins, and Square’s email product to help brick and mortar retailers send better email.

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163: Excelling at Selling Albums


This week we talk about Interstellar, Google updates to material design with Inbox, Calendar, Maps and Lollipop, Flite Test makes a hellicarrier, Taylor Swift pulls her music from Spotify, Microsoft releases Word, Excel & PowerPoint on iOS the way it should be, Core Gamers are now mobile gamers, Amazon Prime allows unlimited photo storage and the ability to buy Echo on discount, Nest updates and goes free in Ireland, Apple Pay drives Google Wallet usage, OnBeep enables 2-way communication over wi-fi, and Mark Zuckerberg puts on an AMA.

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