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285: Nintendo’s Titanic

285: Nintendo’s Titanic

Nintendo's Titanic

When the movie titanic first came out, it wasn’t very popular: it took a few weeks to become the sensation we know it as today. The Nintendo Wii was the same way: people needed to play Wii Sports before realizing how fun the system was. In effect, the Wii was Nintendo’s Titanic.

The Switch, on the other hand seems much more straight forward, and therefore the initial sales are much higher. Personally, I still want to buy a Switch. :)

The rest of the stories are below.

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179: Wrist Neutrality

white and gold ps controller

There were lots of colors this week. White & Gold dresses. Red, White & Blue FCC decisions. 64 color watches and much more. It was good having Matthew back behind the microphone as we dove into this week’s top stories.

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72f: EA releases Origin for Mac. Just tell us when we can play SimCity.

Buy once, play anywhere with an internet connection. That sounds fair.

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72: The Slight Edge of Tech


Sudden breakthroughs are the results on small regular actions over time which slowly compound into something amazing. Save $10 per day and you’ll be able to retire a millionaire 40 years later. Start with a phone, improve upon it slowly every day and you’ll have breakthrough smart phones. That’s what we talk about today – the result of those simple actions compounded over time.

Today’s focus is on Google glass and bone vibration, Zillow’s home improvement app, Dell going private, Mailbox for iPhone, iWatch for Apple, Vine for adults, House of Cards on Netflix, EA’s Origin coming to Mac, and Apple’s iPhone India sales.

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