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Nintendo's Titanic

When the movie titanic first came out, it wasn’t very popular: it took a few weeks to become the sensation we know it as today. The Nintendo Wii was the same way: people needed to play Wii Sports before realizing how fun the system was. In effect, the Wii was Nintendo’s Titanic.

The Switch, on the other hand seems much more straight forward, and therefore the initial sales are much higher. Personally, I still want to buy a Switch. :)

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Nintendo’s Titanic Show Notes

So… it turns out that Google’s messaging portfolio is getting more complicated before it becomes more unified. This time, they’re splitting hangouts into 3 distinct products: Meet for G Suite video conferences. Chat for G Suite texting. And Hangouts for consumers.
Google Overhauls Hangouts To Compete With Slack


So… it turns out that Tinder has a secret app for really good looking people. It’s invite only… and chances are you’re not one of the invited people.
Tinder Has A Secret Super User Section



Did you know that the Zelda game was originally made to use the Wii U’s second screen? It turns out that really made the game worse (and not doing it probably saved the game). Also cool, Nintendo’s controllers work with all sorts of other devices, expect for iOS because of Apple’s restrictions.
Nintendo Broke It’s Weekend Sales Record
Breath Of The Wild Reveals Wii U’s Critical Flaw
Nintendo’s Joycons Work With Mac
Or Use Them On Your Classic NES With An Adapter


Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are “The Gang of Five”. They’re the most power tech companies today. The current trend is them eating competitors – either by buying or copying them. Is this a good thing? My position: things don’t stay the same. Remember Blackberry? Kodak? They were once dominate as well.
The Shadow Of The Gang Of Five


League of Legends is a popular online game with tournaments and competitions. And like lots of these games, it attracted cheaters. In this case, League of Legends was able to prove that a company selling a cheating hack broke the law and won a small chunk of change. Win for the good guys!
League Of Legends Creator Wins $10 Million From Cheaters


What would you get if Billy Mays had a green tech startup and a Twitter account? You have to read this story to see just how awesome Elon Musk is.
Tesla Will Build You A Solar Farm With Battery Backup In 100 Days Or Your Money Back


Image: amazon.co.uk